Sunday, May 17, 2009

Crazy Fun

Woke up at 9.30am and used the laptop till 10.30am. I then went to shower as usual and studied after that. By 11.30am, I was done. Started playing "Lego: Indiana Jones" till about 12.45pm. AM, SC and YM then came to try out the Wii.

After about 5 rounds, mum said invited everyone out for lunch. We all went in 1 car to "My Elephant" in Happy Mansion. It was closed so we decided to eat in MM cafe. I ordered Fish and Chips which were just okay.

Fish and Chips - RM 14.90

At about 3pm, we left the place and went back home. We continued playing with the Wii. Cheered them and had quite a fun time. At 5pm, the 3 of them went home and I cycled down to join them. We were supposed to go cycling but the sun was scorching.

I then watched AM, YM and AP play mahjong till 5.30pm. Then, the clouds started blocking the sun. AM, SC and I then quickly went for a round of cycling. After that, we rested for few minutes in 112 before I cycled back home.

It was already 6pm when I reached home. Used the laptop for 10 minutes and went to play the Wii. Got stuck at a level of "Indy" and decided to turn it off. Went to shower and came out to use the laptop again.

Waited for dad to pick M up before we went out for dinner. We went to Mama Sayang and had vegetarian dinner with DGG. After dinner, we came back to our house. I tried helping them with their desktop since UB wasn't home.

Sea Coconut - RM 3.50

I spent 1 hour and 30 minutes trying to install the 3 missing drivers. With the help of SC, I managed to do that. Now, all there is to do is sent it back to them and hopefully their Internet works.

Missed "ghost" because of that. So, I'm watching it online now. Probably end at 1.20am. Should be going to bed by then. Night...

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