Monday, May 4, 2009

Transporter 4: Lack Of Sleep

M woke me up again and I went downstairs half awake. Drove E to school and went to Lucky Garden after that. The binding shop was open for business so I quickly went in and comb-binded my assignment. It cost me RM 2.50 but I'm still willing to pay them rather than the idiot in APIIT.

I then hurried to 112 because it was already 7.30am and I was afraid that YM and AM would leave. Managed to reach 112 in time. Passed my assignment and CSFF to YM. AM would then help me hand it in later when she reaches APIIT.

Went home and read some newspaper while eating cereal with milk for breakfast. Then, I went up to use the laptop till 1.30pm. Watched "The Oprah Show" and TBL. At 3pm, I went to the back for lunch. I then continued using the laptop to facebook.

At 6.30pm, I went to shower and rushed down to watch TBL. Ate dinner at 8.30pm and used the laptop for another 30 minutes. At 9pm, I went down to watch "Amazing Race" and went on to watch "House" till 11.30pm.

Came up and started writing this post. It's kinda amazing because this whole lot only took 15 minutes to complete. Anyway, I'm ending this post here and I'll go to bed soon. Night...

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