Monday, May 11, 2009

Delaying Studies

Woke up at 10.40am and had some digestive biscuits with milk for breakfast. Used the laptop for awhile before dropping GM at Limau Manis for her haircut. I then came back and used the laptop till 2pm.

Then, I went downstairs to watch TBL. At 3.30pm, I then went and had lunch. After that, I came back upstairs to use the laptop and looked for some games to play. Ended up going to Newgrounds and found a few games. Played "Spewer" till stage 2 and decided to quite because it was too laggy.

I then went on to play Sonny 2. I played the first episode before which was quite nice. After playing this, I got addicted. At 7.40pm, I forced myself to have dinner since dad asked me to. While having dinner, he asked me for the list of Wii games I wanted. This is because he is going to buy the Wii tomorrow and it comes with 9 games.

After dinner, I came upstairs to search for the games. I spent almost 2 hours looking at the games and their reviews. At about 11pm, I managed to get a nice list of 12 games and passed it to dad.

I then started playing Sonny 2 again. I forced myself to finish the game. It was already 1.30am when I completed it. Since it was already so late, I quickly typed this post. I'll be going to sleep in 10 minutes. Night...

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