Saturday, May 23, 2009

2 Days Left...

Woke up at 10am today and went down to eat the Roti Canai that dad bought. Then, I came up to use the laptop till 11am. After that, I went to shower and started studying when I came out. AC sent me some notes too.

I then played with the Wii for a while before we went out to Subway for lunch. I ordered a 6-inch Tuna sandwich which was quite good. After that, we walked to CzipLee Plus and went to CzipLee to buy some stuff.

6-inch Tuna Sandwich from Subway - RM 7.90

We then went home and I started recalling the MBUS stuff. When that was done, I went to play with the Wii. Was supposed to go to 112 but everyone was asleep except YM. At 6pm, YM asked me to come down but I told her it was too late.

Anyway, went to shower and waited to go out for dinner. Dad brought us to this Korean restaurant called Halun Khon in Amcorp Mall. I ordered a Korean Fried Rice Set which was only RM 7.90 for a reasonable portion.

Korean Fried Rice Set - RM 7.90

Japanese Pizza - RM 14.90

Japanese Pizza Video 1

Japanese Pizza Video 2

SS and family joined us later. After we finished our meal, the Japanese Pizza we ordered came. To our surprise, it was topped with cuttlefish that was TOO FRESH! They were still MOVING even though they were fried!

I tried some of it but I didn't like the texture of the pizza. M liked it though. K loved the cuttlefish. Anyway, dad paid the bill and we left. We went to Assunta to visit GM till about 9.40pm before we went back.

Bill - RM 104.16

We then went straight to 112 to celebrate KK's birthday. Once we arrived, the cake was already blown and the birthday boy was sleeping. Despite that, we still had the carrot cake which was good and stayed to chat.

We only left at 11pm! Once home, I started using the laptop. My RC rating was back to 4.0 so there was only 1 customer coming in. Had to start over to get people over-flowing the place and get back to the old pace.

Anyway, the modem was causing problems so it took awhile to get back online. It's 12.22am already and I'll be sleeping as soon as the pictures gets uploaded. Bye...

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