Friday, May 22, 2009

10 Years in a Day

Somehow, the moment I woke up and looked at the phone clock, it said 10.30am again! Anyway, washed up and used the laptop till 11.30am. Then, went down for breakfast and went to shower. By 12.30pm, I started my revision and did the BENV notes.

M came back at about 1pm and we played Indy till 1.20pm. Then, we went down to eat the Char Siew rice that mum bought. Came back up and recalled my MBUS again. Next, I went downstairs to have some ice cream.

Came up and played Indy again. After that, I read through my BENV notes again as usual. Before going to shower, I went to play some WiiSports and ended the game by playing the Fitness Test. I did very badly today and got 37. Sad...

Anyway, I then went to shower and used the laptop while waiting for everyone else to be ready. The rest of them took their own sweet time. We only left for dinner at 7.30pm. Dad brought us to Nam Chuan.

We ordered Tomato Bee Hun for 2 person, Hokkien Fried for 2, and a single serving of Yin Yong. I ordered Iced Chinese Tea and the others ordered their drinks. The total bill was about RM 34 (including drinks).

Hokkien Fried

Tomato Bee Hun

Yin Yong

Next, dad drove us to Assunta and we went to visit GM. DGG and family were also there. We stayed till about 9.20pm before going home. Once home, I used the laptop for awhile. The Internet was slow so I decided to watch J play Wii while my page loaded.

Alternated between watching people play with the Wii and using the laptop. It's 11.42pm now and I'll sleep after I manage to post the pictures. Night...

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