Friday, May 1, 2009

Transporter 4: Fruitless

Woke up at 10am and used the laptop till 10.40am. Then, I went down for breakfast and got dressed for badminton. At 11.10am, I went to BSC to meet up with AL, ZS and MY. We wanted to pay for the court but the office was closed. Since we didn't pay, the guard did not let us play.

So, they came all the way from Cheras for nothing. Since they already came here, we decided to go for brunch. Brought them to Chun Heong and I ordered Pork Ball Noodles while they ordered their food. After that, we went back to my house for awhile.

Pork Ball Noodles

After they left, I started with my assignment. Three paragraphs later, SC came to bring me down to 112. He spent the whole afternoon trying to help me fix the wireless and bluetooth problem. In the end, he found out that VAIO's wireless driver is not supported in Windows XP! We then decided to upgrade to Vista but couldn't find the CD.

Mixed Tong Sui (forgot what's inside)

While he was helping me with the VAIO, I spent the rest of the afternoon playing mahjong. I actually didn't plan to play today but since KK invited YM and I to play with him (YM and I was shocked he even wanted to play so eagerly), I just joined.

At 6pm, we ended the game. I won just about RM 8 in the end. YM then drove me home to get my bike. After that, I cycled down to 112 again. SC, AM and I then cycled to Bhp to pump air into our tyres. Then, we cycled around Telawi before going back.

We went into my house and chatted for a while before they went back. After I showered, GM, M and I then went to SS's house to meet up with them. We went inside for a while before going to Kepong for dinner.

SS brought us to a Chinese restaurant and ordered 4 dishes (vege, fish, pork and chicken). We waited quite long because the service was kinda slow. About more than 20 minutes later, our food arrived. SS paid and we left when we were done.

Guinness Stout? Nah, its just tea!

After that, all of us went to their condo. About 20 minutes later, AP and family arrived. We went down to bring them in. SS showed them around and we left the place at about 10pm. Then, we went to Kanna for some supper. K and I shared a Roti Bom and I had a cup of Teh Tarik.

Roti Bom

Teh Tarik

SS paid and we left the mamak shop at about 11.10pm. Then we dropped SS off at their house before continuing our journey home. Reached home just as it turned 12am. I then turned on the laptop to blog for a while more. Going to sleep soon. Night...

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