Friday, May 8, 2009

Transporter 4: Mission Complete

E called me and I sprung out of bed. Dropped her off to school and came back to sleep. Mum came back at about 7.50am and woke me up. After saying "hi", I went back to sleep. Woke up again at 10am and heard dad. He just came back because they took different flights.

Went down to see what they bought. After some scanning, the Nintendo Wii they hinted on buying. wasn't there. I was actually very disappointed at the moment. They asked us earlier if we wanted a Wii. If you didn't plan on buying, why did you bother asking us and get our hopes high?

Anyway, I got over it while using the laptop till about 10.50am. Quickly showered and went off to Sunway Pyramid. Reached at 11.40am and went to A&W to join KW, AC and ZS. They ordered some food so I decided to order Waffle In Mug.

Waffle In Mug - RM 3.80

Then, we went walking around the place till DY and HX came. It was 1.30pm and we went to buy our tickets. We decided to watch Star Trek. After buying the tickets, we rushed to Wong Kok for lunch.

I ordered a Spaghetti Set which came with soup, main course, fruits, and a cup of Iced milk tea. Everything was good except the main course. The pork was tough and the tomato taste was too strong.

Cream Soup


Fruits and Milk Tea

Since we AC's birthday is 2 days from now, we were entitled to the Birthday Milk Tea. It came in a VASE and even after drinking about 10 cups, we couldn't finish it. There were still half the vase left! What a waste!

Birthday Milk Tea - Complimentary

I paid my share of RM 10 and we went back to TGV for our movie. We were just in time but there were still commercials playing. The show started at about 2.50pm. Overall, it was a nice and cool show. This made me interested in Star Trek. Somehow feel much happier after watching.

Anyway, we left the cinema when the show ended. DY and HX went their own ways while the rest of us went to the pet shop. MY bought some stuff there and we left. We then decided to go home.

I only had RM 50 so AC gave me RM 3 for the parking. Unfortunately, the parking fees were RM5 and they already left. I then decided to go to Harvey Norman to get the "1.5mm audio jack to RCA cable".

Audio cable - RM 14.90

With the change, I went to pay the ticket. After getting into the car, I went out the wrong exit but managed to take the u-turn to get back on track. Then, I took the high-way. Unfortunately, I exit the high-way too soon and was caught in the jam. 15 minutes later, I went into the same high-way again and paid the toll for the second time.

Reached home at about 6pm and I used the laptop for a while before going to shower. At about 7.30pm, we then went out for dinner. While in the car, mum and dad was sharing their experience in Australia. For some weird reason, my eyes got teary. It was either jealousy or anger, both that I should not have...

Dad brought us to Robson Heights for dinner. Once we got down, I noticed M was rubbing her eyes too. I guess we think alike. M and I also had the same opinions with the Wii. Dad ordered 4 dishes which were all quite nice except the duck. The pork was the best.

Bill - RM 108.50

Dad paid the unreasonable bill and we left. He went to TMC to buy some jam for mum before we went home. I then used the laptop till about 9.50pm before walking with M to her friends house. She returned the book to her friend and we went home.

I played Ice Breaker till about 12am before finally blogging. The game was full of skill and physics and I'm proud to say I finished it without walkthroughs! Blogged till 1am and now I'm waiting for FW to end their maintainence. Night...

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