Monday, May 25, 2009

1 Down, 2 to Go!!

Woke up at 8.30am and used the laptop for a short while. Went to shower and left the house at 9.30am. Reached HOL at 10am. Sat down there and recalled my stuff while occasionally chatting with them. Only ordered a cup of Chinese tea.

Half an hour later, we drove 50m to our exam hall. We then went upstairs to continue our revision. At 11am, all of us went inside the hall. The exam ended at 1.10pm and all of us came out. It was quite easy because what I studied came out in the exam.

Anyway, we drove 4 cars to Sri Petaling and went to KFC for lunch. I ordered a Zinger Combo for RM9 (including tax) but gobbled it down and forgot to take a picture. After that, we went back to APIIT to settle the early intake stuff with the admin.

Went home only at 3.40pm. While at the traffic light outside the mosque, I went and scratched my face. All it took was a slight scratch to make blood come POURING out of my face. The tissue was right at the back of the car and I couldn't stop the car.

I then resorted to using my left hand wipe off the blood while using the other hand to drive. After each wipe, more blood came out. By the time I reached home, my hand was covered in blood. Most of it were already dried though.

Right Hand - Front

Right Hand - Back

Left Hand - Finger

After stopping the car, I climbed to the back and took the tissue. Went into the house and went straight for a shower. It was okay when I showered but while drying myself, I accidentally did it again. Fortunately, there was tissue nearby and the bleeding stopped quickly.

Used the laptop for about an hour before taking a short nap. Then, I used the laptop till 7pm and went down for dinner. After that, M and I played "Indy" together. At 9pm, we went downstairs to take a break.

Ended up watching Without A Trace and switched to Bio-Nik (Malaysia's version of Bionic Women on TV3) during commercials. At 10pm, I came back upstairs to use the laptop while studying till 11.50pm.

Since it was getting late, I started blogging about today till now (12.28am). Going to bed as soon as I post the pictures. Night...

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