Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wee No Wii

Woke up at 8.30am and used the laptop till 9am. Went to shower and get ready for exam. After that, drove to BBJ and went to HOL. This time, I ordered a Iced Kopi (RM 1.50) while we were sitting there.

Went to the exam hall at 10.30am and went in at 11am. Most of what I studied came out but the paper was tougher then expected. Anyway, I came out half an hour before it ended and am quite confident on scoring.

Drove home and used the laptop for a while. Then, I went to shower and proceeded to 112. AM and I then walked to Sakae Sushi in BV2. It was already 2pm by then. I ordered Chicken Katsu Cheese and Kakiage. I had Green Tea while AM had plain water.

Chicken Katsu Cheese - RM 10.90

Kakiage - RM 1.90

Sample of 2 new dishes

The food was good and I thank AM for that. While eating, a chef came out and gave us 2 new dishes to sample. Both of it were quite good and also tasted like Teriyaki chicken. Anyway, we were done by 3pm and AM paid the bill (RM 29.95).

We then went into MPH for a while before going back to 112. I used AM's laptop for about 1 hour and 40 minutes before taking a short nap. I then continued using her laptop till about 7.10pm. SC came home and he drove us to Section 17 for dinner.

We went to "Jackson" again but this time I had "Lo Mien". YM came to join us after her dinner. SC paid for the dinner and we drove back to 112. Stopped by Petronas and Guardian before that.

Lo Mien - RM 5

Back at 112, YM gave me a Lan cable so I could finally use my laptop. At 9pm, we watched Mr Siao together. After that, YM, AM and I played RC. Watched NTV7 with AM till about 11.15pm. I then decided to go home.

Came back and used the laptop to start blogging. It's 11.55pm now and I'll probably go to bed in half an hour. M's still studying though... Anyway, bye...

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