Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Transporter 4: Zombie

Woke up at 6.40am again and was still enjoying my dream. I only had about 5 hours of sleep and my head was ringing. I wanted to go back to bed but that was impossible. How will E go to school? Ended up sending her to school as usual. Drove very slowly this time.

Once home I went back to sleep and only woke up at 10am. Used the laptop for a while more before showering. Finally reached APIIT at 11.30am. ZS and DY was not coming and AL was with MY. So, that only left AC and I.

We then decided to go to Kuchai Lama to search for a new place to try out. Once there, we made a few rounds and finally decided to eat at Little Tree. I ordered the Set Lunch and choose (Cheesy Ham Spaghetti and Iced Lime Juice). I also ordered a French Toast.

Set Lunch Menu

Iced Lime Juice

Cheesy Ham Spaghetti

French Toast - RM 5

Later, AL and MY came to join us. Although they came 20 minutes later, their food came about the same time as us. The spaghetti was good but I didn't like the ham because it was too soft and kinda powdery. I regretted ordering lime juice because I don't even like lime. French toast was okay though.

After we were done, we decided to add RM 1 to get a scoop of Ice Cream (Mint for me). The ice cream was nice and it was a good way to end our lunch. We then paid the bill and went back to APIIT.

Total Bill - RM 50.15

We waited outside for 15 minutes as the previous class was still inside. At 1.45pm, we then went inside for our MBUS class. The lecturer ended the class at 3.20pm and some of us went to the mamak shop upstairs.

As usual, I didn't order anything. After everyone was done, we went back down for class. Goofy came in and the class started. By 5.30pm, he finished his lecture. Unfortunately, he only allowed us to go back at 5.50pm.

Reached home at 6.10pm. I then used the laptop for 10 minutes before going to shower. At 6.30pm, I went downstairs to watch TBL. It only starts at 6.45pm so I just waited there. TBL ended at 8pm but I feel asleep for about half the show.

After watching the show, I went to the back and had dinner with M. I came up and watched TKOS 4. Rushed downstairs at 9pm to watch Mr Siao on NTV7. Then, I came back upstairs to watch another episode of TKOS.

I'm blogging early today but the Internet keeps getting disconnected. Hopefully can end this post by 12am. Bye...

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