Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers' Day

Woke up at about 9am and got ready for breakfast. Dad, GM, J and I then went to Jinjang and dropped M for her selections. Then, we went somewhere nearby to join SGG and SS's families for Bak Kut Teh.

After eating, dad dropped J and I home and went to the temple to help clean up. GM went with SGG. I watched TKOS 19 till 1pm. Then, MM came to pick mum, E and I up for lunch. We went to Mizu in BV.

Deep Fried Chicken with Bread Crumb set - RM 23

I ordered a Tori Katsu Don and gave some of my set to mum. After lunch, I went to MPH with the intention of getting the latest book of Singapore Ghost Stories. Unfortunately, they did not have the latest one. We ended up buying the new Monopoly Card Game instead.

Monopoly DEAL: Card Game - RM 24.90

We then went home at about 3pm. I watched the final episode of TKOS till 4.30pm. AM then asked me to go down and have some "tong sui" and go cycling later. I then rode downhill to 112. Once there, AP gave me some "tong sui".

I ended up replacing AM in Mahjong because she needed to do some housework. By 5.30pm, she asked me to go cycling but I refused because the sun was scorching! She went ahead to do her yoga and I cycled back home at 6.30pm. Lost RM 10 today.

At home, I waited for my turn to shower. At about 7.10pm, we went to BV for dinner. We went to Fish and Co. The waitress told us that we had to sit outside. MM noticed an dirty table and asked "how bout this?".

The waitress then said it will take us half an hour to clear this UNLESS you help me! AC and mum then helped them clear the table quietly. Some of them sat down but the table wasn't cleaned yet. When another waiter came, he said with a rude tone "Excuse me! Can you get up so that I can clean the table!".

We were being patient and tolerant so they quietly got off and let them do their job. After that, we sat down and looked at the menu. We waited for 10 minutes but nobody attended to us. There were even 5 plates of food outside the kitchen but the staff did not serve it to their customers.

Since we didn't want to wait 1 hour for our food, we walked out and went to ChatterboHKx which was just next door. While walking out, I noticed 5 uncleared tables. So I suppose it would take them 2 hours and 30 minutes to clear the tables...

I ordered a Hong Kong Style Beef Fried Rice and a cup of plain water. The few of us played the Monopoly cards for the first time. Before we could even end the game, our food was served. We ate and talked till about 8.40pm before dad paid and we left.

Hong Kong Style Beef Fried Rice

Bill - RM 108.45

Reached home at 9pm and used the laptop to Facebook and also wrote this post. Gonna watch Ghost at 10.30pm and I'll end this post here. Bye...

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