Wednesday, May 20, 2009

27 Years Old

Woke up at 10.30am and used the laptop till 11.30am and went down to have some chocolate cookies for brunch. At 12pm, I went to shower and came out to study. Wrote some notes while referring to the MB slides.

After one chapter, I went to play "Indy" as usual. Went downstairs for lunch at about 2.40pm. Then, I came up and recalled the points for MBUS. After the successful attempt, I went to play more of "Indy".

At about 5pm, I started using the laptop and surfed facebook till 6pm. I then took a half an hour nap. At 6.30pm, I cycled down to 112 and went for 1.5 rounds of cycling with AM. Then, I went inside 112 and had some mango juice.

Since it was already 7.15pm, I cycled home and started watching Bleach. At about 7.45pm, I went down to have dinner with M. After dinner, I came back up to watch another episode.

Showered at 8.45pm and rushed downstairs to watch Mr Siao at 9pm. The show ended at 9.30pm and I came upstairs to use the laptop for a short while before revising on BENV.

When I was done, I went to my room and started playing Wii Sports. I did the tennis training and got the hang of it. Before I stopped, I went to do the fitness test. Turns out, my fitness age is 27!! Big improvement from the "80" I got when I first got the Wii. Not satisfies though.

Anyway, I then came out to blog while the others had their turn playing with the Wii. It's 11.42pm but I guess I'm gonna sleep early today. Night...

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