Thursday, May 21, 2009

27 Again...

Woke up at 10am and used the laptop till 11am. Went to shower and had brunch as usual. Then, I started to study till 1pm. I then played 2 levels of Indy and went downstairs for biscuits. Since the girls weren't back, I did my next set of revision.

At 2.40pm, I went down for lunch. Came up at about 3.10pm and started playing "Indy" again. After that, I did my final set of studies before playing Wii Sports. Tried the fitness test again today and got Age 27! Well, at least I didn't grow old.

Went to shower at 7.15pm and waited till 8pm before we went out for dinner. Mum brought us to Sakae Sushi and I ordered Chicken Karaage and Chicken Katsu. Took some sushi off the conveyor belt too.

Chicken(Tori) Karaage - RM 6.90

Chicken Katsu - RM 8.90

Total bill - RM 133.65

At 9.10pm, mum went to pay the bill and we went to meet her after we finished the tea. Once home, I started using the laptop till now. Internet is very slow so I didn't get to do much today. Anyway, going to bed soon. Bye...

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