Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wesak Day

Woke up at 9.45am and went down for some cereal. At about 12pm, dad brought mum, E, M and I to the temple. We walked around for about an hour before going for lunch. We dropped M at Jinjang for her selections before that.

Dad brought us to this restaurant called "Kuan Fatt" off "Jalan Kuching" for vegetarian lunch. E had a plate of noodles while Mum, dad and I ordered a plate of Fried Cuttlefish and Thai Style Chicken.

Fried Cuttlefish - RM 13

Thai Style Chicken - RM 13


Bill - 47.40

We finished the food which were quite nice. Before leaving, we packed some rice and noodles for J and GM. Dad then paid the RM 47.50 bill and we went home. Dad dropped us home and went back to the temple to help out.

I then used the laptop to watch TKOS and also facebook. At 6.30pm, I went to shower. M only came back at 7pm and we waited for her to shower before leaving the house. Since dad wasn't joining us for dinner, I drove everyone to dinner.

We met up with the rest of the L family members in the vegetarian restaurant called "Garden" in Uptown. It was already 8.13pm when we were seated. By the time we finished our dinner, it was about 9.40pm.

After that, we drove to SS2 as we planned to go to Swensons for dessert. Unfortunately, it was impossible to get a place to park. So, we detoured to A&W. The 16 of us then sat in 4 tables. The rest of us waited while some went to buy our orders.

At 10.25pm, our dessert arrived. I had some mint ice cream and was satisfied. We then went home at about 11pm. Once home, I watched TKOS 17. By the time it ended, it was already 11.57pm.

Bear Essentials - All mint

I quickly started blogging till now (12.45am). I suppose I'm gonna watch another episode before sleeping. Bye...

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