Thursday, April 30, 2009

Transporter 4: Sick and Tired

E woke me up at 6.40am and I went straight to the bathroom to wash up. I then drove her to school and came back. Slept for another half an hour before showering and getting ready for college. Drove to TPM and finally reached at 8.40am.

Went to class and was dozing off a few times. 2 hours later, we went to the lab for another one hour. After that, we went for lunch. We went to Old Town White Coffee because I told them there is the new set.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be for 8am to 11am only. Anyway, I ordered a Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun and double butter kaya thick toast. The food was good and up to standard. Paid RM 10 for my meal and we went back to ENT3.

Butter Kaya Thick Toast - Yummy!

We watched some of them do their IA group presentation and we were supposed to do ours next week. Since the lecturer ended early, we decided to do a spontaneous presentation. It ended quite well for us.

After that, we went back to the main building to hand in our assignment and some forms. Drove home at about 5pm. I then used the laptop to watch Heroes and went to shower after that. Then, we watched TBL as usual.

After that, we had dinner. Came back up and used the laptop for another hour before going downstairs to watch TV. Then, I used the laptop till 10.30pm. Next, I drove down to 112 so that SC could help me fix the laptop.

While waiting for the downloads, I used the laptop and chatted with them. It's 12.05am now and I shall end this post here. Hopefully we can get this done by tonight...

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