Sunday, September 21, 2008

TV is Exciting

Woke up at 9am in the morning. The rest of the family were sleeping but M was already attending her seminar in Kasturi. GM was awake as usual. Went downstairs and noticed that my Avanza had been lent away.

Used the laptop till it was about 11am. Went downstairs and ate a "zhang"(dumpling) for breakfast. SS and SS came. We watched "Don't Mess with the Zohan" but 10 minutes later, our player had problems reading the disc.

SS and SS went home while the rest of us watched some documentary. Dad went to the temple and picked M from Kasturi after he was done. I came upstairs and searched for more MR songs online.

Dad and M came home at 1pm. He brought us (M, J and I) for lunch because mum and E was already full. J wanted to go to Quan's and planned to go visit our nephew later. We reached Quan's around 1.40pm.

Went in and looked at the menu. 5 minutes later, we were ready to order. I asked for a "Fish and Chips" and 1-litre of Ice Lemon Tea. About 15 minutes later, the drinks were served followed by our food.

1 litre size Ice Lemon Tea **it was really RICH with lemon!!** (RM7.50),
500ml Jasmine Tea (came with set) and 500ml Ice Lemon Tea (RM5)

Fish and Chips (they score 1/5 for presentation)

A customer complained to them because he waited for his order (garlic bread) for too long. He told them if it didn't come in a minute, he will cancel it. So, he paid and left. The garlic bread was then eaten by the staff. **Secret: J ordered the garlic bread too and his garlic bread was served to J earlier**

I could only finish 3/4 of the Ice Lemon Tea. It made my throat very dry because there were LOTS of lemon inside. My stomach was bloated with water! M helped me finish the rest. It was raining when we were leaving. So, we went straight home instead.

Even after reaching home, my stomach was still bloated. It only begun to feel better half an hour later. I searched on the Internet and found out how to RIP audio from RMVB files. It actually takes a lot of effort!

First, convert the RMVB file to MP3. Then, using Windows Movie Maker, cut the location of the song. Then, make the ending end smoothly. Next, publish the song onto the computer. It will be published in WMA format. So, I need to use another converter to change WMA into MP3.

At 6pm, I was satisfied with the amount of songs I have ripped. I even uploaded them on sendspace copied them to my phone and shared them on AEU. After showering, I was just in time to watch HSM: My School Rocks. I already knew who was going ot win because I read Becky's blog.

Dad went to pack some noodles for our dinner. He reached home just before 8pm. When pouring the noodles, he accidentally spilled some of it. That cause some chaos for 5 minutes. After the mess was cleaned, we ate the noodles for dinner while watching MR39.

During the break, we cleared some of our plates. Then, we watched MR40. When it was almost going to end, KK and AP came. They made some unnecessary comments while the rest of us (including GM) were trying to concentrate and feel the emotions of this finale.

MR ended with a happy ending while the cast sang 月亮代表我的心. KK asked to switch the channel and watched football. I came upstairs and started to rip 月亮代表我的心. KK and AP left after 10 minutes.

I then asked mum to get my Avanza back from MM's house. If you borrow someone's car, shouldn't you return it yourself? Or would you ask the person if he WANTS it back? And expect him to COME and take it back himself? In the end, dad went over and drove the car back.

Lazed around using the computer and talking to M. Then, we watched the trailer for Season 3 of Heroes. The trailer really made M and I excited about this season. It's going to be a really nice season. Here's the trailer.

Then, I started to write this post. Now, I'm downloading the TV-RMVB version of MR39. I probably will wake up in the middle of the night to download MR 40 and the other Specials.

Decided to backup my blog instead. I stopped at my 104th post and now, I have 194. Which mean I have to back up exactly 90 posts! It is 1.40am now and I just completed the back up.

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