Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Woke up at 7.45am. Used the laptop till 8 something. Went down and ate another 3 pieces of donuts for breakfast. Played a game of "Break The Safe" with E. Scolded her for being too slow.

After getting ready for college, I asked dad for money. Went to BSC and paid for Friday's badminton court. Then, went to pick up AM before going to to APIIT.

I saw DY in his car and I asked him to park at the illegal spot with me. According to AL, if there is more than one car, they won't clamp. So, I called AL and asked him to park behind us too.

I was half an hour early today. Waited outside with some classmates for the previous class to end. AL came in the class with a new hairstyle and his brother's shirt. DY and I agreed that he looked very different.

Today's QM was more to a tutorial. She taught us for 10 minutes and we started cracking our heads while doing the questions she prepared. It was a nice QM class.

We then drove out for lunch. The road to Sri Petaling from the LRT station was Jammed! We decided to eat at Lucky. This time, I ordered a Pork Chop with Spaghetti for RM 9.80. It isn't those expensive western food but for the price, it was yummy.

The drinks that we ordered only came few minutes before we finished our food. Then, we all went to King's to buy some bread. AC, DY and ZS bought some food while the rest of us walked out empty-handed.

When we reached ENT3, DiGi told us that there was an accident between 3 cars. The cars were badly damaged. There was also one victim that died because of the crash. We went to the usual classroom but few minutes later, we found out that our class has been relocated.

I called JW to ask her where our class is. Due to some miscommunication, we ended up in the wrong side of the building. Luckily, we still managed to find our class. Learnt about Presentation Skills during ProCom.

After class, Ml and I walked to APIIT and took the lift to the fourth floor. We waited for JW and FK to come before going inside the office. Then, we called Ms Intan and waited for her to come and give us some comments.

10 minutes later, she came and told us our report's weakness and how to improve them. This session showed me how good a lecturer Ms Intan is. She really explained to us how a good project should be like and guide us on how to do it.

We then walked to the Auditorium for MS. Before class started, the bunch of us went down to the admin and collected our "academic report". Mr Warren discussed about Conflict Resolutions for today's class.

Class ended at 6.30pm. I waited with ZS for his mum while I kept trying to call AM. After 15 minutes, AM and I saw each other (she was having a meeting with another staff in his office). She came out and told me she won't be following me home.

So, I walked to my car and drove home. The Mid Valley Ring Road was jammed. The fly-over to Bangsar was also quite jammed. Didn't expect any jam at this time of the day.

Reached home around 7.30pm. Took a shower and had my dinner. Ate another donut. As usual, came down for YCOM at 8.30pm and MR at 9.30pm. Today's episode of MR was nice because a very evil girl was caned by her mother!

Came up and used the laptop again. After eating 7 donuts, dad still told me that there is still some donuts downstairs. Haih, this is what I get for buying donuts for everyone. Going to sleep soon. Night.

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