Thursday, September 25, 2008


Woke up around 8.15am and turned on the laptop and settle some stuff. Then, I showered and packed my stuff. Ate another "zhang" for breakfast. Before leaving, dad wanted to give me some money but I told him I had enough.

Then, I drove to APIIT to look for ZS and AL. Our appointment was 10am but luckily, AC was just as late as me and we arrived TOGETHER! Then, we drove to Seri Kembangan.

AL sent his car in to add skirting for his Saga. Then, he sent it to the Exhaust shop 2 doors away to change his exhaust and add a fake one. We waited for his car to be done the whole time. We even saw an accident on the opposite side of the road.

Accident happens...

When we were done, we went to Yoke Heng. Unfortunately, the shop was closed for the week. So, we went to another restaurant few doors down for lunch. We ordered fried rice and 2 plates of noodles.

While waiting for the food to come, AL bought some fruits for us as thanks (for accompanying him). When the food came, we all agreed that Yoke Heng was much better. Besides, the waiter had a very sour face which made us hate her.

We paid up and went back to TPM. AC had to go back because of some stuff. We reached the class for ProCom at 1.15pm. The lecturer came in and only started the class at 1.45pm. He discussed some stuff about our assignment and dismissed the class. We then stayed in the class till another lecturer came in.

Then we went down to 1-2 for CT. We were given some tutorial questions and were asked to look for the answers. Then, one and a half hours later, we discussed the answers. She decided to NOT discuss what we couldn't answers. That really made me upset for the rest of the class.

We went to MY's house and I parked my car there. Then, I transferred my stuff to AL's car. We then drove to the western food restaurant we went to last week. It was 6pm but the stall only opens at 6.30pm.

So, we went to another "coffee shop" to have dinner. I ordered a plate of fried rice (rm5) and ordered an Iced Kopi. Then, we sent MY home and DY and I (in his car) and ZS and AL (in AL's car) drove to DY's house.

We passed through 3 tolls (RM 2.20 each) on the way to Klang. Then, we went to HX's house to pick her up. We went to DY's house and played some Basketball. I stayed out of the game because I didn't like to play. Soon, we went back in his house and took turns to shower. They did some parts of the assignment and I helped out a little.

The worst thing about his house was that he was using his neighbors wireless connection (with their permission) but there were about 5 computers using it!! That caused us to keep disconnecting. There was HSPA all over Klang though.

At 11 something, we came out and sent HX back. Then we went to Taman Bukit Tinaggi for supper at "1 to eat".

The service there was very fast. We ordered some satay and I ordered ABC. The ABC had a lot of ingredients inside and was quite worth it for RM 3.80. When we were done, we went into a nearby CyberCafe.

Nice ABC with many Ingredients

They played DOTA while I updated my blog/ chat/ watch them play. it is 1.44am now. Going to leave the CC soon. Night...

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