Sunday, September 28, 2008

Unexpected Sunday

I woke up and checked my facebook. Then I wait for CM to fax the map (to her house) to me. Instead, she sent it through MSN to me. After changing, I took my wallet and phone. Then, GM and I went to SS's house.

We waited in their house for the kids to get ready. Then, we went to Damansara Perdana for Dim Sum. This shop is owned by SS's friend so we decided to try out the food.

The dim sum was NOT nice! The "lobak gou" (steamed radish) tasted sour and some of the dim sum were HARD! I'm probably not going there anymore if I have the choice. Since he was SS's friend, he charged us RM 60 only.

We went straight to CM's house to see her baby (now named LDW). The other 2 kids were in the SSJ temple with their dad. We stayed and played/looked/disturbed the 3 week old baby for about 45minutes.

Reached SS's house at 1.45pm. Just then, AM called and asked if I wanted to play badminton. I rejected her because I was too tired to drive back to Bangsar. Out of nowhere, C and C said they will drive me there and because they wanted to play too.

I informed AM and C drove us (C, C, GM and I) to Bangsar. We dropped GM at home and I went to take the Badminton rackets. Then, the 3 of us went to BSC to meet up with AM and the rest of them.

YM, AM, SC, KK, A (AM's colleague) and Unknown (A's GF) were already there. There were no one else in the badminton courts so we used ALL 3 courts. I sparred with KK for about an hour. he told me to practise hitting hard.

Then, I got very sweaty and tired. After resting, I played a game with AM versus A and Unknown. We lost badly because AM didn't run when the shuttlecock went at the back of her. Then, I played a game with YM against C and AM. We each won one round and had to go so we couldn't continue the last round.

We went home and changed. Then, we went to AP's house. We ate some Instant Noodles that AM cooked. Then, we walked to Sri Nirvana to have some drinks and roti. Sat there chatting for about half an hour before we went home.

I showered at home and we drove back to SS's house. We waited till 8 pm before dad called us. He told us to go have dinner at Thong Kee. So we picked SS from the salon and went to the restaurant.

The food was quite nice and the Honey Lemon drink there was good. After dinner, we sat there and discussed about a day trip. All that was just wasted time and false hopes. Most probably none of them would come true.

J and I followed SS back home. Then, I decided to stay over at SS's place because C would be following me to Sunway tomorrow. So, C sent J back home and I went to take my clothes and packed my stuff to sleepover.

When we came back from my house, I turned on the laptop in SS's house and started chatting. C watched Heroes Season 2 till about 2am while I was half watching and half chatting.

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