Thursday, September 11, 2008

Unusual Day

Woke up early in the morning (7.30am) and watched SSJ on AOD from episode 9 to 16!! In between breaks, I had my breakfast and drank some water. At 12.30pm, I stopped watching and got ready for class. After lunch, I left for APIIT.
I was 10 minutes late but the lecturer didn't start the class yet. 5 minutes later, he officially started the class. We had some brainstorming session for 30 minutes because he was teaching us the definition of brainstorming.
Class was over 30 minutes earlier. We hung around the 2nd Floor looking at AC and AL's laptops. Then, we went down for CT class.
Ms Intan gave us a crossword puzzle to solve. After slightly more than an hour, we discussed the answers. Then, we sat in our groups and discussed about our assignment. We added BN to the group and handed in our WBS before leaving.
All of us walked to CQ's car. Her car got clamped and about 10 of us surrounded her car and even tried to remove the clamp. After awhile, they decided to pay the RM50 fine to avoid further trouble.

I reparked my car. Then, AL, MY, DY, ZS and I sat in AL's car. We drove to ZS's house to take some stuff. Next, we went to Bandar Puteri for dinner. After going a few rounds, we decided to eat in Mizi Shabu Shabu.

They have a personal hotpot for each person. I ordered a pork meat set (Rm 18.90) and ordered a cup of green tea (refillable - RM 1.50). I was so full after dinner. We went back to TPM and I drove home.

Controls for each hotpot

My Drink

The Pork Meat Set

After showering and typing half of this post, I went down to watch MR 32. Then, I came back up to finish this post. Gonna watch YCOM 13 at 10.45pm. Bye.

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