Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Much Better

Woke up in the morning without a fever or headache. Unfortunately, I suffered an extreme sore throat. Went downstairs and drank 3 cups of water. Had some moon cakes for breakfast.

Went upstairs and got ready for class. Just before leaving, I ate a few scoops of Mint Ice Cream. I thought it would be a good way to "cool my throat" but I had a short lecture by mum. Dad didn't think there was anything wrong with what I did though.

Before driving to TPM, I dropped by BSC to book the badminton court for Friday. I was the earliest to reach our class. Since there was a class going on, I waited outside. A few minutes later, JJ came, followed by CQ, LY, ML, RS, KW, and many more.

Went into the class at 10.30am. QM was fine. She taught us about mean, mode and median. Class was over at 12.35pm. DY and AL then drove the other 6 of us (LY, AC, ZS, KW, ML and I) to lunch. My sore throat has mysteriously disappeared.

We decided to eat at Pizza Hut. Each of us ordered a Sensasi Delight. It comes with a personal pan, soup, garlic bread and a cup of Pepsi. All that for just under RM 9. I was really full when we were done.

Went back to ENT3 for ProCom. When we reached upstairs, Mr Jonathan just came out from the lift. We went in and attended his class. Surprisingly, I didn't feel sleepy today. He was talking about communication barriers.

After class, we went back to APIIT. ML and I went down to the cafeteria to meet up with JW and FK. We roughly discussed about our CT assignment till it was nearly 5pm. Then, we went to the Auditorium on the 4th floor for our Moral Studies class.

Mr Warren came in and started the class. Today's topic was Homosexuality. We discussed on the definition, probable causes and arguments on Homosexuality. Class ended at around 6.45pm.

Once I stepped out of class, I noticed it was RAINING!! I thought of waiting for the rain to stop. Thankfully, AL went to his car, drove it here, and gave me a lift to my car. I saw DO walking to his car in the rain. Being kind like AL, I gave DO a lift to his car too.

I hit the highway at 7pm. It was really heavily jammed. I did not expect this to happen as it is "Puasa Month". Fly Fm kept me entertained this whole time. After 35 minutes, right after the turn to NPE I found out why.

A lorry turned upside down on the left lane of the highway. That caused the 3 lane highway to become a 2 lane highway. Once I passed this tragic accident, the road was clearer than ever. It's quite amazing how one accident can cause such a jam!

I reached home at 8pm. Ate my dinner and went to take a shower. Suddenly, SS and SS invited me to a video call on MSN. Since I was free, I accepted it. E and J stood behind me while I was at it.

When SS put on her earphones (due to some complaints), I screamed at the mic. I laughed till my stomach was so very pain. I know, I'm evil. C and C also came on the webcam for a while. Then, they went back to do their own stuff.

We are just a 20 minute drive away from each other and yet we communicate with webcams as if we are a continent away. Nevertheless, we had fun talking crap and shouting at our mics (due to technical errors)

Then, I watched MR 25 and YCOM 7. It was already over 11pm and the Kajang Satay that SS brought was cold. I went down and ate 5 sticks of satay.

Came back up and started to update this blog. Going to sleep now as I have to wake up early tomorrow for GTA's "moving in" ceremony.

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