Saturday, September 20, 2008


Woke up at 9am. Used the laptop and downloaded some stuff. MM called around 10am and asked me to follow her to Glenmarie to fix her car. Her radiator was still leaking after last week's repair.

I quickly ate my breakfast and got into the car. When I called her, she told me she called the tow-truck to come and get her car. Why didn't she tell me earlier? Went back inside the house and booked the badminton court for Friday.

At 10.35am, MM smsed me and told me that AC is having his breakfast. She wanted me to go over so she can show me the way to Kiara Club. I was burning YCOM into a DVD so I waited for it to start burning before going downstairs.

Just as I started the car, MM and AC hopped in. Since AC was supposed to come alone initially, MM asked him to lead me to the club. There was one time where he was undecisive and another time where he gave me the WRONG directions. MM and him got into a small "talk" because of that.

I then drove back home and dropped MM at 97. Then, I drove to BSC to pay AM's booking and my booking. The office is closed on weekends so I drove back home. I watched Diamond Dust Rebellion (Bleach Movie 2) on the desktop when I reached home.

GM heated up yesterday's supper for our lunch. I only ate my lunch when the movie ended at about 1pm. AC gave me a missed call at 1.34pm. Was I supposed to know what to do? No. So, I continued to use the laptop.

Then, MM called and asked if I am ready to go pick AC. I said yes and went downstairs to start the car. MM came just in time and I drove to the club to pick him up. I drove to Nam Chuen and waited in the car with MM while AC went down to buy their lunch.

M called and I told her to wait there for me. We waited for about 20 minutes because AC ordered Char Kuey Teow. When he was done, I went to pick M and her friends (EC and DT) from the Maybank Bus Stop.

I dropped EC and DT at EC's house and dropped AC and MM in MM's house. When we reached home, GM asked us if we wanted to have dinner with SS. We agreed and she asked J to call SS. Used the laptop from 2.30pm till 5pm.

After all of us showered (except E, who refused), I drove the five of us (GM, M, J, E and myself) to SS's house. We brought the Astro card along to watch tonight's MR at their house. We reached there around 6pm. C was watching some movie with her friends and C was in Singapore working as a promoter.

After resting for a few minutes, we left the house. We went to Section 17 and looked for this restaurant called "6 to 10 Grill". I ordered a "Special Chicken". And a large "Watermelon Juice".

Special Chicken (RM 12.50)

Large Watermelon Juice (Rm5)
*Even fingers like to CamWhore*

Our bill. Thanks SS for paying.

All our food came in less than 10 minutes. The chicken was nice but the sauce was too plain. Compared to Sri Petaling, the "large" fruit juice was much SMALLER for the same price. We finished dinner at 7pm. SS paid and we went home.

At 105, we watched MNE2 (Money Not Enough 2). At 8.30pm, we paused the movie and watched MR38. Then, we continued watching MNE2 when MR was over. I didn't really enjoy the movie and feel the emotions (especially the sad ones).

This is because when they speak in Hokkien, there is NO SUBTITLES!! I do understand Hokkien but most of the time, they just speak TOO FAST!! The movie was over at 10 something.

C came back from her movie. After she showered, we (SS, GM, C, M, J, E and I) went for supper. We decided to go to Kayu in Aman Suria. We ordered a Roti Tissue and I ordered teh tarik. E had Roti Canai while C had Maggi Goreng. We also ordered 2 purees (comes in two's) just to try it.

My cup of Teh Tarik

3-plate long Roti Tissue (RM5)
*can't really see the length form this angle*

The puree/puri we ordered (similar to Tossai)

SS paid up and we left. Went to 105 to take some stuff. Then, I drove back. While driving, we talked about some stuff that happened today. At home, I rushed to the toilet and had a quick shower.

Came out at 12am feeling all refreshed and comfortable. Wrote a draft and planned to write in detail tomorrow. Downloaded some stuff and used the laptop while waiting for the file to finish downloading.

At 1.05am, mum and dad reached home. They bought lots of "zhang" (glutinous dumpling) and some biscuits. Decided to download another file. Talked to C and she said she is watching MR 29 now.

It is already 2.15am. My download will be completed in another 10 more minutes. Then, I'll be sleeping. Looking forward to the double-episode-finale of MR later tonight.

Happy 18th Birthday

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