Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Unexpected Events

Woke up at 6.30am and downloaded some parts of heroes. The connection was much faster today. Went back to sleep. Before that, I noticed that my phone battery was quite low. So, I turned on the radio to drain its battery (so that I can charge it later).

Woke up at 8.30am and combined the four parts of HeroesS3E1. Then, I downloaded 2 parts of S3E2. Went down and ate some "tau sah piah" and some "rou gan". Got ready for college and went to pick up AM.

I was suppose to pick her up at 9.30am but I only reached her house at 9.48am. Luckily, she was only 10 minutes late. I managed to find a legal parking spot today. Then, I walked to APIIT. Took today's star paper while going in.

I saw nobody outside L1-1 so I decided to go to the lab. Then, I saw ZS using the computer in the lab. He was playing the Word Challenge on Facebook and I helped him with it. At 10.30am, we walked back down to L1.

After going to the washroom, we saw our classmates in L1-6. We went inside and they told us that class was here today. Then, ZS told me that there was a test TODAY!! I remember her telling us about a test but TOTALLY forgot that is is today.

Anyway, Mrs Kwan came in and asked us to sit 2 chairs away from each other. The test was quite easy though. The test ended at 12.10pm. We then went to my car and drove to Good Tea for lunch.

I ordered Claypot Chicken Rice (RM4.50) and Milo Ice (RM2). When we were done, we went to the fruit stall and they bought some fruits. Went back to ENT3 and we still had half an hour to spare! AL and DY played DOTA while ZS and ML watched Heroes S3E1 on my laptop.

We went to our ProCom class at 1.45pm. The lecturer came in the class but only started the lecture half an hour later!! The lecture ended early and we stayed in the room. We had our CT group discussion for our assignment. Then, we played some cards and continued to hang around.

At 4.30pm, we went back to APIIT. DY and I went to the convenient store to and bought a "Nescafe Ice" and a packet of "Mamee". The rest of them went straight to the auditorium. We talked while waiting for Mr Warren to come in and start teaching.

He called each of the group's name and a representative from each group went and took the CSFF form. Then, he started his lecture on STD's. It was actually very horrible and sad when he told us about their symptoms and how some people suffer from it.

When the class ended, I dropped KW and JJ in the LRT station. Before we even turned into the road (where the LRT station is), it was already jammed. Then, an ambulance came and stopped in front of the station. When I passed by, I saw many people looking here and there but I couldn't find any victims lying around.

While leaving, I saw another ambulance arrived. Drove back home and the highways were smooth. Once at home, I had my dinner. I downloaded another 2 parts of Heroes S3E2. M came home and mum, dad and her watched "The Secret".

After I showered, I went downstairs and joined them. This is the second time I'm watching it. The last time I watched this, it inspired me to create this blog. I wonder what I'll do next...

When I came upstairs, I noticed that I downloaded S3E1 instead of S3E2!! So, I downloaded them again. M came up at 10.15pm and she watched Heroes S3E1 on the desktop. I was chatting with AL, ZS and AC online.

Now, I'll finish writing this and go to sleep. Or maybe I'll stay up to watch Distraction. Haih....

** Went downstairs to watch Distraction. The guy's G5 Desktop was smashed into bits, His Vespa was damaged but his WEGA TV was not hurt at all. Came upstairs and decided to make myself a new message alert tone. So, I ripped the "mmmmm" (the part where Tim Kring's name appear and there is an eclipse) from heroes. From today, every time I receive an SMS, that sound will play!!**


  1. Why so many ambulance? Apparently, the LRT had an accident. Malaysia Boleh!

  2. Yea, I just found out from my friend that a LRT crashed with another LRT near BBJ LRT station.


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