Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Beginning

Woke up at 7am. Downloaded YCOM and went down for a light snack. Waited for my turn to use the bathroom. I quickly showered and got dress. It was already 15 minutes pass our planned departure time (originally 8am).

We reached GTA's new house at 8.45am. Everyone (GTA, AJ and AJ's parents) was waiting outside the house while GTA was getting the charcoal in the red traditional "stove"/pot to burn.

Once the fire was burning, we took a few pictures with the "pot" outside the house. Then, we went into the house and used the "stove" to boil some water. Meanwhile, we explored the house.

The kettle started to whistle about 15 minutes later. AJ's mum arranged the kuih she bought neatly few plates. She also made some yellow-coloured cake (she finished baking it at 1am in the morning!)

AJ made some coffee and tea for all of us. We then sat around the table and started eating our breakfast. At 11am, some relatives from AJ's side of the family came. After meeting them, dad, mum and went back home.

Took another shower and got dressed for college once we reached home. Then, I had lunch at home before going off to class. On the way to APIIT, it started raining. I called AL and asked him where he was.

Then, I called JW and she had to answer another call. So, I called KW and asked him to ask our other classmates around him if they had an umbrella. Then, I drove to APIIT and he passed the FK's umbrella to me.

After parking, I held on to the umbrella and walked in the rain to APIIT. Once I reached APIIT, the left sleeve of my pants was WET! Anyway, I guess this is better than getting soaked up from HEAD TO TOE!

I returned the umbrella to FK and sat with KW and ML. Mr Jonathan came into the class few minutes later. Today's class was much more interesting as each group has to act something WITHOUT saying a word.

DY didn't come today so that left KW, AL and I in the group. We thought of making a small stop-motion video but the lecturer said we had to do something while the video was playing. So, we scrapped that idea.

After squeezing nearly all of our brain juices, Mr Jonathan gave us the perfect idea! I played the pimp, ML was the gigolo and KW was the customer. I went online to look for some pictures and made some PowerPoint slides.

Right after the first group, it was our turn to act. KW came knocking on the door. I went to greet him and showed him "today's menu" on the projector screen. After showing him Brad Pitt, David Beckham and Rain, he still wasn't satisfied. (Each of them costs ranged from RM1m to RM2m).

Then, I had no choice but to show him ML. ML only cost RM1 per night. KW asked to see ML and so I went to the room an brought ML out. He was begging me not to "sell" him. KW decided to "buy" ML and paid me RM10 (RM 10 = 10 nights!!).

That was the end of our small act. I could hear many people laughing their heads off and I'm sure even without speaking, they know what was happening in our drama. We sat back at our seats and watched other groups do their act.

After the third act, Mr Jonathan asked us if we understood what each group's act was about. The first act was actually an event that happened earlier today. The third act was a scene from Mr Bean.

Then, the fourth group (AC, AL, ZS and JG) mimicked and exaggerated a numerical skills lecturer. Everyone laughed as they acted as if that lecturer was a real devil! The remaining 2 groups are supposed to continue next week as we ran out of time.

We then went to the cafeteria and had our "snack time". I bought a packet Chachos Original and shared it with the rest of the gang. When we were done, we went to L1-2 for CT.

For today, our lecturer gave us some questions and we had to look for answers. Before class ended, she wanted each group to give her our names and assignment title. After giving her our title, we were allowed to go home.

It was raining again! AC went to get his car which is parked in the APIIT open-air parking. He gave AL, ZS and I a lift to AL's car. Then, AL dropped me off at my car. I went back to APIIT and picked up KW.

Before going home, I dropped KW in the LRT station as usual. After dropping him, I drove home. The drive home was very smooth even though it was raining. It's my second day driving in the "puasa month" and I'm LOVING it!

At home, M and I watched MR26. When we finished watching the episode, it was already dinner time. Went downstairs for dinner and came back up to use the laptop. Mum, MM, J and AC were planning to go to GTA's house.

I didn't want to go at first. In the end, I decided to go. That made M and E come along too. So, I drove the 7 of us to GTA's new house. When I was enjoying the song on the radio, MM asked if we could listen to "more relaxing songs" (aka. 105.7fm aka. Light and Easy).

There was no way I was going to listen to some OLDIES. So, I just turned off the radio. After that, she started saying I drove fast and all that crap. This triggered mum to butt in and joined her to continue crapping.

Unfortunately, there were 4 other innocent kids at the back of the car. So, I just kept my mouth shut and continued driving. Quote from 荷妈,"丞相肚里可撑船" and like a radio ad "Shut up and Drive!".

They explored GTA's new house again as they have not seen it with the furniture. Then, we gathered around the table and ate some Snickers and Kit Kat. We were there for about an hour or so.

Before we left, GTA showed us the fish pond filter system and explained how it is supposed to work. Then, we said good bye and I drove home again. They were having some weird, pointless and fun conversation while I was concentrating on driving.

Dropped AC and MM home before going back. After this trip, I've added a new person to my "try not to drive them again" list.

Back in our house, I ate some ice cream for supper. M then called me a "bad example". I don't care! No one stops me from eating my mint ice cream! Came upstairs and watched YCOM 08.

By the time it ended, it was 11.45pm. I started to update my blog till now, which is 1.52am! Well, another reason is that I chat in between also. You probably think I'm crazy but since you read this SUPER long and boring post, you are at the same level of craziness as me. Night.

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