Friday, September 5, 2008

Mid Autumn Gathering

The call was from AM. She said asked us to go to her house. She told us that her whole family was there and they are celebrating WM's birthday. After getting ready, I drove us down.

To satisfy someone, I'll name those that were there. AP, KK, WM, UJ, LZ, LZ, CM, MS, SY, DZ, YM, AM, SC, mum, E, M, J and I (18 of us). The kids were lighting lanterns and the adults were watching TV. I went outside and watched/helped them hanged the lanterns on the tree.

Lanterns on Tree

Half an hour (maybe longer) later, we took out the Walnut Cake bought from Berries. Then, we sang a birthday song for WM. SC said the cake was HARD! He had trouble placing the candle on the cake.
Went in and had some Thong Sui that AP boiled. Then, the kids started playing games. The played with the magnetic darts for some time. That started some laughs among us. Then, they went on to play with the Hula Hoop.

Suet Yi, Longan Thong Sui

Dad came few minutes after CM and her family went home. We were watching a very old HK movie on NTV7. It ended at 12am and all of us went back home. I was very tired so I just wrote a draft...

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