Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday as Usual

Woke up at 7.45am. I was supposed to download something and go back to sleep. But somehow, I didn't. I ate a Swiggle for breakfast.
Got ready for badminton and I walked over to BSC at 10.10am. Just as I left home, AL drove his car and picked me up. The five of us then went inside BSC. There were a group of oldies playing on our court as usual.

We waited for them to finish their game before we played. I stayed out for the first game while the others played 2v2. After an hour of playing, ZS, AL and Dy took a rest. MY and I sparred for the purpose o sweating. We tried to keep the shuttercock in the air for as long as we can.
It was almost 12pm and most of the people in the oldies group already left. A malay guy and this chinese lady asked AL and DY to have a game with them. DY and AL lost half the game. Then, DY went over and teamed with the malay guy while the chinese lady came over to team with AL.

I was very tired and soaked in sweat after playing with MY. Took a rest and drank some water. Suddenly, DY challenged the lady. Obviously, DY lost to her very badly. We then decided to ask the auntie her age.

After 3 failed guesses by DY (50, 60, 63), she told us she can't tell us her exact age but she revealed she is "over 70". This is very amazing as she is over 70 but still can run and jump. She's one old fit and healthy lady.
Another guy (same person that gave ZS some advice last week) came and talked to us. Then, he gave us more advice. After another few games, we went home 12.30pm.

After everyone showered and got ready, we went to Chun Heong for lunch. I ordered a bowl of Pork Meat Noodles. Drove to APIIT when we were done.

We were 5 minutes early for Moral Studies. The front row was taken, so I sat next to AC in the second row. ZS went to the back and waited for DY and AL. DY and AL arrived 20 minutes later and went and sat with ZS.

Mr Warren continued with "Homosexuality". When he was done, he gave us a break. Then, ZS, AL and DY came down and complained to us that the back row is NOISY. I was surprised because they are the ones that usually make noise in class.
After the break, they found some seats in the front. Mr Warren discussed a new topic of the syllabus, "Pornography". As we were discussing the difference between "Hard Porn" and "Soft Porn", a visitor came in. I could see the SHOCK on his face.

Class ended at 5.30pm. Luckily, it wasn't raining yet. The highway was jammed and so was MV. But, it wasn't as bad as the jam on Tuesday. Going down to Bangsar was a relieve as there were no jam.

After dinner, we watched MR27. Then, I went down to have some Mint Ice Cream. Now, there is just enough Ice Cream for one more person.

Just then, I received a phone call...

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