Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things Are Getting Heated

Woke up around 7.30am. Used the laptop for awhile and had banana biscuits for breakfast. After using the laptop for another half an hour, I went back to sleep.

I went downstairs for lunch and got ready for college. Left the house at 12.45pm. Reached TPM just in time. Found a legal spot to park and walked to class.

Everyone were already in class except the lecturer. ProCom class only started 15 minutes later. The lecturer briefed us on our assignment for about an hour. Then, he gave us a "5 minute break" but he only came back 20 minutes later.

After class, all of us were HUNGRY!! We went to the cafeteria knowing that our CT class starts in 10 minutes. I bought a packet of Chachos Original while the others bought stuff like Nasi Lemak, sandwiches, Keropok, Mamee, and some other junk food.

We spent about half an hour eating in the cafeteria. Then, my headache started. After eating, we went up to class. The lecturer wasn't in the class because she went out. We sat down and did the tutorial questions given to us.

About 30 minutes before the class ended, Ms Intan discussed the answers and asked us about our progress of our assignment. She dismissed us and we drove to MY's house.

We played a short game of badminton while waiting for her to come home. She arrived 10 minutes later. We went into her house and DY asked her to show us her dogs. She brought us to the back of the house where there were a small room.

When she opened the door, all 6 cute dogs were jumping and shrieking (barking with a high pitched voice). It was worst than a kindergarten class.

We then watched AOD while MY got ready to go out. Then, we sat in AL's car and went for dinner. We had western food in a roadside stall in Sri Petaling. It is just in front of a Salon which is next to Berry's.

I ordered a Honey Cheese Pork and a cup of Ice Lemon Tea (Small). The food was okay. My favourite was their fries. At 7pm, there were many crows making noise above our heads.

Honey Cheese Pork (RM 9.50)

My bill was only RM 13. Went back to MY's house to get my car. Then, I drove home. The drive home was clear but I had to wait awhile at the traffic light in front of TMC.

Showered and used the laptop for 10 minutes. Then, as usual, went downstairs to watch AOD. Came upstairs at 10pm and saw that my Bleach wasn't loading. Because I still have a headache, I wrote a draft for this and went to sleep.

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