Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A New Cousin

Woke up at 7.40am and thought that I was late. Checked the clock on my phone and was relieved. Used the laptop till around 9am. While eating some banana cakes for breakfast, I watched YCOM 12 on AOD.

Went to class at 10am. Had Mrs Kwan's class. Learned some skewness of graph and stuff. Class dismissed at 12.30pm.
We went for lunch at the coffee shop opposite Alison. AC and I ordered Chicken Chop (mine was mushroom sauce). AC and I was so hungry. Our food came after the rest of the finished their lunch.

The chicken was nice and crispy at some parts. But, the sauce didn't taste nice. Well, for RM8.50 the quality is reasonabl. After we finished our lunch, we went back to ENT3.

We had ProCom class and the 2 remaining groups came and presented their mime act. During the break, I used the "Candy" to play around with ML's phone. The rest of them laughed along with me.
After class, we went to the Auditorium in APIIT for our Moral Studies class which starts an hour later. When class started, Mr Warren told us that our class is the last class that he is going to teach in APIIT.

Since they are hiring a full time LAN subject lecturer, Mr Warren will have to go. Well, too bad for the students that are taking the next intake. Lucky us.
Today's topic was Divorce and Marriage. For the first time, he asked me for my opinion and even asked me to answer into the mic. Class ended at 6.40pm. KW and I walked to my car.

Then, when I started the car, I heard some some metal inside the car scratch into eac other. That gave me a scare but I continued driving. While driving, I heard some scratching of the metals again. I hoped for the drive to end quickly.

It was raining heavily when I reached home. I honked and J came out and opened the gate. I drove in to drop my bag and take an umbrella. Unfortunately, I misjudged the distance and kissed the outer grill.

Went to park my car and walked back in. Dad was already outside and he told me off for kissing the grill. When I wanted to shower, J went into the bathroom. While waiting, I used the laptop for awhile.

Just then, someone called and dad picked it up. By the way they talked, I knew a good news as arrived! I have a new COUSIN!! Grats CM for delivering a baby boy. Welcome to the family!

After showering, we had dinner together. I told dad about the car and he said it was probably water in the fan belt. Came upstairs to update this blog. Hope I finish this post before 8.30pm so I can watch YCOM 13 hot from the oven!!
Finally, we have the full collection. Thanks to our dad's cousin-in-law.

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