Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Woke up at 8am. Turned on the laptop and went to Got-Heroes.com to look for the download links. The links weren't posted yet because it hasn't aired. Then, I read the forum and saw that a website Justin.TV , is streaming it LIVE!

I decided to check it out. To my surprise, it was 7.56PM (4 minutes to showtime)! I quickly restarted the VAIO (sound problems remember) and was just in time to watch the live streaming of the Heroes Season 3 premiere!! There was also a chat at the right hand side.

During exciting moments (example: Sylar came for Claire), many of us flooded the chat box with stuff like "RRUUUUUUUUUNNN" and "go Claire! run!". It was fun to watch 2 episodes of Season 3 online. Thanks alot to our host Rudjard. It was my first time watching an American Series Live Online!!

Unfortunately, streaming live also means watching the COMMERCIALS!! At least they weren't boring because I haven't seen any of these ads before. Went down during a break to get some Chocolate Filled Oreo's for my breakfast.

After the show ended, I went to BSC to pay for the badminton court bookings. I paid RM 64 in total!! That's alot of money!! (am RM8, me RM16, dad RM40!!). Came home and watched Heroes Season 2 from my homemade super clear DVD.

Then, I went upstairs to look for the Heroes Graphic novels. I continued from Graphic Novel number 79 and had to catch up to 104!! The graphic novels were 18MB per episode. It took quite a long time to load.

Went downstairs for lunch. When I saw what was for lunch (pork and some broccoli), I decided to skip lunch. Instead, I had an ice cream cone plus a third of the small tub of Cremeria Ice cream for lunch. The ice creams were very yummy!

Read some graphic novels, Firefox got stuck a couple of times because I loaded about 4 novels at once. Then around 5pm, I started working on my moral assignment. I finished the essay around 7pm. Then, I attached it and emailed it to my team members.

Went downstairs for dinner and saw the pork and broccoli was still there. I suddenly didn't feel like eating pork. So, I ate lots and lots of broccoli together with my rice! Went upstairs and finished reading the graphic novels.

Watched Amazing Race Asia 3 at 8.30pm. Then, at 9 something, AL asked me to look for 青苔 (Chinese and Thai version). Because James (the singer) wasn't that famous and being a Thai singer (couldn't find him on limewire), it took me slightly more than an hour before I found and downloaded it.

AL even asked me to forget about it half an hour after he requested for it. One hour of hard work just to listen to two 4-minute songs. Even so, I felt very satisfied when I found it. Damn happy right now.

My Heroes download is taking FOREVER!! Since this afternoon, I've only been able to download 1 part out of 4 parts. The downloads keep breaking and stopping. Their average speed is 6kbps!! The lowest was even 968bytes!! Hopefully, by tomorrow I download all four parts.

Now, I'm writing this post and hope to sleep early today. Night.

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