Friday, September 19, 2008

Unwise Decision

Woke up at 5am and couldn't get back t sleep. Downloaded some stuff and went back to bed. Woke up at 9am. Used the laptop till 9.45am. After showering, AL called. So, I quickly ate my breakfast and went to BSC.

We played some doubles and singles game. At 11am, 2 Indian ladies and their Chinese coach came and told us that they booked our court. We showed them our receipts and they showed us theirs. To my surprise, our bookings were the same!

The coach went to the office and talked to the workers. Then, oldies group (who booked 2 courts) allowed us to use court B while the Indian ladies played at court C. How can this even happen? The workers probably took the money but never recorded it.

At 12.20pm, we went back to my house and showered. When we were done, we drove to Nam Chuen. Chun Heong was closed for the day and this caused Nam Chuen to be flooded with people!

After 5 minutes of looking for a table, one of the stall owners asked us to take the collapsible table and set it up ourselves. So, we followed her instructions and placed our table in the middle of the sidewalk.

I ordered Chicken Rice and 2 popiahs to share among us. When we were done, DY went in AL's car while ZS came into mine. The road to MV from the mosque was jammed. So, I took a longer detour to McD. Just then, I realized that I need to pump some petrol into my car.

Was the jam a sign for me to pump petrol? Maybe. So, ZS sat in the car while I pumped the petrol. We reached TPM at the same time as AL even when he DIDN'T go to pump petrol. The reason? He used the OUG way which has many traffic lights whereas the way I took had NO traffic lights at all.

While waiting for the lift, I bought a Nescafe Black Roast from the convenient store. I told DY it was nice and he bought it too. In the lift, we saw Miss Sumathi. Dy asked her when is she expecting it and she said in December.

We were 15 minutes late for Moral Studies. He was teaching us about types of relationships and how they are formed. We sat on the top section but 5 minutes later, we decided to sit at the front row as usual.

During the break, we played UNO. Then, he taught us about relationship builders and destroyers. Class was over at 4.40pm. ZS, ML and I went cafeteria because I had to wait for AM to finish work.

I bought a bottle of Tropicana Twister Apple. ZS bought a drink and some food plus a packet of mamee (he owed ML). ML told us that his "GF" gave him birthday present. We asked him to open it and he revealed it was a wallet. He told us he will start using it on Monday.

I went to take my car and drove it in front of APIIT. AM hopped in and I drove home. On the way, she kept nagging me to go to Malacca tomorrow. To keep her quiet, I said "see first". She also gave me some money and asked me to pay for her badminton booking.

Came back and used the computer. At 7pm, I showered and had dinner. Then, at 8.30pm, all of us watched the final episode of YCOM and MR 37. Next, we watched the back part of "Music And Lyrics".

I searched for the controversy of using the Buddha image on "Music and Lyrics". Read the arguments for about an hour. Finally, I decided not to go to Malacca tomorrow. Bye.

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