Saturday, September 27, 2008

200th Post!!

Woke up and used the computer. SS came to pick GM up. I washed up, packed the laptop and followed them to SS's house.

I left my things in SS's house and we (SS, SS, GM and I) went to Ikea or breakfast. C was working in Pavilion, C was sleeping and K was in her school helping out with the SPCA Car Wash.

There we very little cars in Ikea's P2 parking bay. I ordered the RM 0.99 french toast for breakfast and had the free coffee. When we were done, we went back home.

SS brought GM to Assunta hospital for an eye check up. I stayed at home with C and SS while waiting for them. At 12pm, dad came. SS dropped C in Ikea and dad in 1U.

When dad and SS came home, we drove the Avanza and SLK for the Charity Car Wash. It was RM10 per car but they didn't do a proper wash. They just sprayed water on the car, applied some soap and simply scrubbed.

They also didn't vacuum and clean inside of the car. The car didn't look any cleaner after that. Came back and used the computer. We waited till 1pm for GM and SS to come back. Then, we went for lunch.

We went to a Wanton Mee shop in Section 17. It costs about RM 31++ for the five of us (including 10 pieces of additional wanton). Dad and GM went home and I stayed in SS's house. I was so bored that I played DOTA with the PC again.

Then, SS, SS and I went to pick C from Ikea. Then, we went to a car shop in town and SS discussed some stuff with him. Then, we went to pick C up from ParkRoyal. We reached SS's house at 6pm.

K was already back from her car wash event. At around 7pm, dad called. J wanted to eat Hokkien noodles and so SS suggested we have dinner at Champion Duck in Damansara Utama.

We actually ordered from the shop OUTSIDE champion duck. They rent the place during the night. The noodles were nice and tasty. The total bill was RM54++.

We went back to SS's house and turned watched some photos on the TV. Then, we played S.H.E's new album on the TV. After that, someone suggested we go to Dessert Bar for dessert. So, we drove there.

There were no legal parking spots anymore so we double-parked. We ordered a fondue and other desserts. If you ask me, the fondue from Haagen Dazs is much nicer! The total bill was RM 110++ (double our dinner).

Some mango drink

Fondue for RM 38

We left the place at 11pm and reached home at 12am. I'm going to sleep soon because I'll be going out with SS tomorrow.

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