Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another Boring Day

Woke up around 9am. Dad and J was already in FRIM. Showered and had some croissants for breakfast. After breakfast, GM asked me to help her burn some 金纸. After I was done, I came upstairs and did a part of my assignment.

Then, I updated yesterday's post. When I was almost done, MM came. We went for lunch at Delicious. While walking there, we noticed that 1920 isn't there anymore.

The non-smoking tables were all occupied in Delicious. We waited about 10 minutes until we got a table. Ordered a Caesar Salad but since we were vegetarian for the day, I gave all my turkey bacon to MM!! Sad...

Caesar Salad from Delicious

Classic Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream

M ordered a Fried Vegetable Salad. I took a look at it and knew M wouldn't like it. And as I predicted, she didn't. Probably because it was more to Malay-Style Salad. Anyway, we had 2 pieces of Classic Chocolate Cake later.

After paying, we went to House of Sports to buy a Basketball for M's friend. While MM went to Cold Storage to get some groceries, we went to Starbucks. I shared mum's Green Tea Frappe and M's Chocolate Cream Chip Frappe.

Green Tea & Chocolate Cream Chip

After we went home, I watched the LOTDG Finale(21 and 22). Then, M and I played MapleSEA together. We showered and went for dinner. Dad brought us to somewhere in PJ. When we arrived, the shop wasn't there anymore.

So, we travelled another 10 minutes and ate at Giant Bowl in SS2. In my opinion, the food there was bad and the service was terrible. We received wrong orders and had to pay for one of them.

Amazingly, there were still many customers coming in non-stop. The only possibly reason this is happening is probably because they sell "Organic Vegetarian" food.

Before going home, dad went to buy some Meat Floss. We also waited outside TMC while dad went in and bought some candles. Came home and lazed in front of the TV. After half an hour, I came up and used the computer. Played some JohnMS and going to bed now.

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