Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Friday Already!

Woke up at 7.30am and took turns to wash up. Then, we went to eat "Bak Kut Teh" for breakfast. After we were done, AL, ZS and I (in AL's car) went to BSC while DY (in his car) went to pick HX.

We reached BSC at 10am. We then played till 12pm before going back to my house. We took turns to shower as usual. Then, they printed their Moral Studies assignment. That idiot (DY) decided to skip class and went home with HX!!

AL went to pump some petrol at Shell. Then, we went to MY's house. AL had lunch in her house while ZS and I went to Good Tea for lunch. I ordered a "rou gan" fried bun and a cup of Iced White Kopi.

After lunch, we went to bind their assignment. On the way back to TPM, it was VERY jam!! We saw AL few cars in front of us. All of us finally reached TPM at 2.40pm. We parked and walked to class.

We were 15 minutes late and Mr Warren was teaching us about Normative and Descriptive Statements. There were only one third of the class present because today is the HAND IN DATE for our assignment!!

Then, at 3.10pm, he gave us a break. He said he would start accepting assignments at 3.30pm. So, we went down and bought some stuff. Then, we went to hang around in the level 2 corridor (near masters rooms).

At about 3.40pm, we went upstairs to hand in our assignments. There was a very long queue and my team members decided to wait for the queue to die down. After handing in our assignment, I drove KW to the LRT station and went home.

The drive was smooth except when I was going back to Bangsar from Mid Valley. When I reached home, only GM was there. Turned on the laptop and started managing my FB games.

Then, since my AEU donator's access (I won the caption contest remember?) has just been started, I decided to download LOS (Last One Standing) directly from AEU's server! Their speed never goes less than 25kbps!!

AEU also suggested that we use FlashGet to maximize our download speed. While downloading FlashGet, I played my first game of DOTA with the PC. When I was done, I went down for dinner.

Then, I came up and installed FlashGet and started to download LOS 1 and 2. Now, I'm downloading LOS 2, 3 and 4 at a go and the average speed is still amazingly 25kbps (60kbps highest so far)!!

I'll probably try to play another game of DOTA later. That's all for today. I might write another post on a miracle facial soap later. Depends on my mood. Bye...

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