Monday, September 29, 2008

DY's Birthday Celebration

Woke up at 9am and my whole right arm was is PAIN!! Turned on the laptop and used it for awhile. C was in the shower so I waited for her to come out. After showering, we waited for C to shower.

His friends were already in the living room waiting for him. When we were all ready, we hopped into the car. With directions from C, I drove to KDU and dropped C there. Then, C gave me directions to go to Sunway Pyramid.

We found a parking spot at CP2. I loved the parking system there because it tells you if that particular parking spot is occupied or not. Green for available Red for unavailable. They also tell you if you turn left, there is XXX amount of parking spaces and if you turn right, there is XXX amount of parking spaces.

AC told me to meet him at Big Apple. So, C and his friens went their own way and I went to look for Big Apple. While looking at the directory, a receptionist came and asked me if I needed help. Great service here!

She told me that there is no Big Apple in Sunway Pyramid and they only had J.Co. Then, I called CQ that was with AC. She told me that they will be late because they are going to pick ZS. So, I walked around and ended up at the skating rink.

I was considering buying something to eat. It was either a Baguette from Delifrance, Donuts from Dunkin Donuts or a Frosty from Wendy's. At last, I choose to buy a Chocolate M&M Frosty from Wendy's (it was the cheapest).

Just then, AC called and told me that ZS and JJ are waiting for me outside Starbucks. I walked all the way back to the Starbucks in the new wing (right above J.Co). I waited and looked around for them. Then, I called ZS to ask him where they were.

ZS said they were at the Starbucks in the OLD WING!! So, I had to walk BACK to the old wing to look for them. After meeting up, ZS and JJ brought me to RedBox to meet up with AC and CQ. We then went in and ordered our lunch.

While waiting for the others to arrive, we chose some songs and started singing. I was devastated to see that there were NO LYRICS for English songs!! DY and HX came 10 minutes later followed by AL and MY who came 10 minutes after them.

After singing for about half an hour, our lunch was served. The Fried Rice I ordered tasted very plain. It was the worst fried rice ever! We left at 3pm. All of us paid DY's share since he was the birthday boy. Each of us paid about RM 13 per person.

Then, we went to S+J to buy AC's phone accessory. next, we went to Häagen-Dazs to eat the Fondue!! It was my second time having this and it is still very yummy!! Each of us paid about RM 12 per person (6 of us paid for DY). After eating, AC said he was very happy! Haha!

Very yummy Fondue from Haagen-Dazs

Birds-eye View of this expensive dessert

Then, we went to buy herbal tea. I didn't buy any drinks from there though. After that, we said bye to AC and the people following his car. DY and AL went to take the monitor for me. I went CP2 to look for my car.

Then I drove around to look for the lift. This is when I started to hate this parking system because the signboards and road directions are CONFUSING!! Anyway, I still managed to drive to the lift where AL and DY was waiting.

They help me loaded the monitor (bought by SS for RM70) and returned my towel. I then borrowed AL the heroes DVD. I reparked my car and called C. He said he was done and I told him to come to the car park.

I picked him and his friends and we went to the autopay station. We exited the building after paying. When we left the building and entered the main road, we didn't know which road to take until it was TOO late.

We ended up paying a toll and going somewhere far. Luckily, I followed some signboards that lead us back to PJ. We drove by famous landmarks in PJ like Assunta Hospital, Jaya One, jaya 33 and so on but none of us remembered how to get out of here and go back to 1U.

We then passed by Amcorp Mall, SDC and the police station. Calling SS didn't help much too because we were confused with his directions. Luckily, when we came to somewhere, C's friend remembered how to go back.

We came to much familiar roads and managed to find our way home. So, we finally reached SS's home at 6pm. Then, we got the news that we are going to have a family dinner tonight. We left at 7pm and went to "lou di fang" in Cheras.

The food there was nice and it came quite fast. SG ordered 20 pieces of "mar kiok" for dessert. All of us managed to finish it without fail! We went back SS's house and watched some AODP. Then, I drove home.

I showered and used the laptop to update the 2 posts 2 days ago. Now, I'm writing the draft for today. It is already 1.30am and mum, dad and E has just finished watching MNE2. Night.

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