Monday, September 15, 2008

"Great" Day

Only went to sleep around 1.50am because I was watching House online. Woke up at 7.45am and got ready for college. Spend about 1 hour on the laptop before going to APIIT.

When I reached TPM, I parked in a further but legal spot. There were still people in our class so I went up to Pitstop to meet WL and the others. Met ZS on the way so we walked together. Then, after 10 minutes, we went to class.

During QM, I used the "Candy" on ML's phone. I made it ring and after I asked it to stop, his phone continued to ring. The phone still rang for about 10 seconds after I exit the application and ML turned off his phone.

By the time it stopped ringing, Mrs Kwan already came to our place. She then accused me of calling ML. So, the idiot took my phone. During the rest of her class, I was too "hot" to focus on what she was teaching.

Even so, I wasn't that dumb to not bring any knowledge home. I asked KW when I was blur and I also looked at the board. At the end of the class, I got back my phone and "mastered" today's lesson.

We went had lunch at one of the coffee shops in Sri Petaling. MY came along with the 7 of us. MY and I ordered a Pork Meat Noodle (Kuew Teow) while the others ordered Chicken and Duck rice.

Went back to APIIT for CT after lunch. After half an hour, Ms Intan separated ZS, AL and AC because she thought they were too noisy. I knew how they felt because I just experienced something similar earlier.

Before the class ended, Ms Intan told us that we had to hand in printed copies of our WBS, Gantt Chart and Weekly Report. So, JW went to the lab and printed our groups documents. AC's group didn't start with their Gantt Chart yet.

So, he rushed it while his helpless group members (AL, ZS and DY) played games on their phone and laptop. Their excuse was that they couldn't help him. After that, we went to the lab because another class was starting.

While waiting for AC to complete his Gantt Chart, we watch ZS play some games on Facebook. At around 5pm, AC and DY printed their documents and handed it in. AC drove us to collect out cars.

While going to the LRT station, KW and I saw 2 different accidents along the opposite side of the road! That caused a very long jam from the start till the end of the road. Fortunately, my side of the road was clear.

After dropping KW, I wanted to drive back to TPM and enter the highway through there. At the traffic lights, was cleaning some crumbs off my pants (ate a muesli bar because I was too hungry).

When I was done, I looked up. To my surprise, the cars in front of me already were 50m away. Just when I was going to accelerate, I was honked by the car behind. Feeling ashamed, I drove quickly into TPM.

Just as I went on the highway, I saw a bus broke down at the left lane. Luckily, it didn't cause any jam. It started to rain when I almost reached home. Went into my house and showered.

Started writing this post but I went downstairs for dinner halfway through. There was a plate of rice on the table but mum said it was E's. So, when I went to take some rice, GM scolded me and said that there is rice on the table. I told her mum said it was E's and she replied " E is having fever! She can't take rice".

Just to end future quarrels, I ate the rice on the table. When I finished my dinner, I saw another bowl of soup on the table. I asked dad if the soup was E's and he said yes. So, without drinking the soup, I went outside and read the newspaper while eating ice cream.

Then, HISTORY REPEATED ITSELF!! GM went into the kitchen and shouted "Why you didn't drink the soup?!!". I decided to ignore her. Then, she asked M if I drank any of the soup. M said she didn't know. To avoid any of this from getting worst, I went upstairs with my newspaper and ice cream.

Although M was bugging me while I was writing, I still managed to finish this post 7 minutes before YCOM starts. Bye.

Before I forget,


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