Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just Another Sunday

Woke up early in the morning. After drinking some water, I went back to bed. Woke up at 9am and downloaded SSJ. Since we had to return AJ's car, we invited our grandparents, GTA and AJ for Dim Sum Brunch.

We got ready and went to Eden Dim Sum City for brunch. We also invited SS and family. It was GTA's first time so we waited for him after the DesaParkCity roundabout and lead him to the restaurant.

We sat in a table outside. SS, SS, C and K came and joined us few minutes later. After we were done, dad paid the bill (RM109 without charging money for the tea). Then, we switched back to our own cars and went home. E followed GTA home to accompany our grandparents.

At home, I updated yesterday's post and watched SSJ 02. Then, I joined a raid in the MHA game from Facebook. After that, I decided to play JohnMs. Mum, dad and M were going to watch some table tennis competition in Cheras. That left us "dinnerless".

So, I called SS and asked him to come and pick us. At 6.30pm, he came and drove us to his house. Amazingly, there were only 10 cars waiting at the traffic light from TTDI to Bandar Utama.

In SS's house, I joined C in the "computer room". Had a home-cooked dinner (by SS) at 8pm. Some of them were watching Camp Rock outside. Instead, I just stayed in the room and played more JohnMs. After reaching LV108, I stopped the game and started updating this post.
We should be going home anytime soon. Goodnight.

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