Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another Day Wasted

Woke up around 9.30am. Made myself a "ba gua" sandwich. Since there was no butter, I used condensed milk instead. Played some bowling on Facebook and did some other stuff online. Then, I decided to watch "Avatar: The Last Air Bender" from Project Free TV.

Had lunch at 1pm. At about 2.30pm, mum drove me to see the orthodontist that did my braces. I managed to persuade M to come along because I'll have to hang around Pavilion afterwards.

We reached the clinic at 3pm. We waited for about 15 minutes before it was my turn. I went in and she checked my teeth. She said my teeth didn't shift position and is fine. She then spent 15 minutes cleaning my teeth.

After paying up, we went to Pavilion which is just 100m away. We went to MOF (Ministry Of Food) and had ordered a Macha Zen (Hokkaido Red Bean Paste with Green Tea Japanese low-fat gelato ice cream and Japanese dumpling).

Macha Zen RM 12.50

We were about to order another dish to try but mum's customer was already coming. So, M and I walked around. Suddenly, we saw Coffee Bean. It was not like the usual Coffee Bean shops because it wasn't a shop lot but a temporary stage kinda shop.

We decided to have a drink and some cake there. When we walked in, a guy greeted us and asked us to take a seat. He then explained that they are doing "table service". We sat down and he gave us the menu.

M ordered a cheesecake and I ordered IB The Ultimate. Then, he introduced me to IB The Ultimate Extreme! I agreed and ordered that instead. After finishing our cake, he came and cracked some jokes before clearing the plate.

Ice Blended The Ultimate Extreme! Very Nice and Rich!

Then, M ordered another IB Sunrise. We waited for more than an hour before mum was done. She came and paid up when she was done. The service here is EXCELLENT and the IB here tastes nicer! Hope that the Bangsar outlet will implement this "table service".

We went to Nike Golf for 20 minutes and came out without buying anything. Then, we went to J.CO to buy some donuts. There were only about 5 customers in the queue. A drastic difference compared to a few months back.

I ate the Mango, Coffee and Da vin Cheez

We then left the building at 6.30pm. The parking cost mum RM7! We reached home half an hour later. After showering, I continued to watch Avatar. This episode (the final four episodes of season 3) were very nice!

Had dinner with M at 8pm. Watched YCOM at 8.30pm and MR at 9.30pm. Today's MR 34 was the best episode yet. You'll have to watch it for yourself if you want to know why. Came upstairs and fiddled with the webcam software that came with the VOSTRO.

At about 11pm, dad asked me why I bought the donuts but didn't eat a single piece. How could I forget? Haih, I'm getting old... Went down and ate 3 donuts! All of them were so YUMMY! Came upstairs and chatted with SS for awhile.

Going to sleep after I upload some pictures. Night.

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