Monday, September 22, 2008


Woke up at 8am and downloaded MR40. Then, watched the MR "dinner special" and an interview with "Fan and Kam" on the laptop. After showering, I ate a piece of cake, a "heong pang" and a "zhang". All of that were brought back from dad's Malacca trip.

Then, I left for APIIT at 10am. When I reached TPM, I saw that some cars had been clamped. AL just arrived and he convinced me that they won't clamp our car. So, we walked to class.

Everyone else was already in the class waiting for QM to start. AL and I sat at the back of the class because there wasn't any seats left. Today's topic was Financial Mathematics! A very interesting but complicating topic!

Class ended at 12.30pm. 11 of us (CQ, WL, AH, JJ plus the usual 7) went for lunch in 2 cars (AC's and mine). AC suggested Secret Recipe and everyone agreed. But when we saw the prices, some of us felt like leaving.

Since we already sat down, I ordered a BBQ Chicken. When the food came, I was surprised to see RICE!! The chicken was nice but the sauce was too sweet. I finished everything except the rice. In the end, I mixed the sauce with the rice and cleaned my plate.

BBQ Chicken (RM 13.50 before tax)

We paid the bill at 1.45pm. (CT class starts now!) AL wanted to drive my Avanza back and I allowed him. We reached APIIT and waited for the lift. The six of us (that followed my car) were half an hour LATE!

Miss Intan took our ID's which made me EMO for the first half of the class. Then, ZS and AL drew a cartoon version of our "favourite teacher". I then took a picture of it and send it to some of our classmates. I felt much better after the break.

I used PhotoDJ from my phone to edit the ZS's sketch

With that inspiration, He did this!

She then talked to us about our "Minutes of Meetings" for our assignment. Then, she dismissed the class and those that had problems our questions went in front and asked her. At the back of the class, I was transferring files here and there.

Dropped KW and WL at the LRT station and continued the journey home. The roads were smooth and there wasn't any jam. When I reached home, I found out that J's friend is here AGAIN!

Changed my clothes and brought an ice-cream cone upstairs to enjoy. Then, I mindlessly use the laptop (dunno what to do). Went to have a short nap in my room. After that, I came out and played this game called "Amorpheus Plus". This game got me playing it for about an hour!!

Then, at 7.30pm, I went down to have dinner. After my shower, I continued to play "Amorpheus Plus" for about another half an hour. Then, I went to to look for some nice games to play.

At about 11pm, I stopped playing and started updating this post. Now, I'm transferring some episodes of MR to the desktop so that I can burn it into a DVD! Night...

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