Monday, September 8, 2008

Typical Monday

Woke up at 7,30am. Ate some "keropok" for breakfast. Showered, got ready and went to APIIT. I was the last member of the group to arrive. Then, we officially started our meeting/discussion.

We finished our meeting at 10.10am. Then, we went upstairs and waited for QM class to start. When were ready for QM, another lecturer, Sarinah Tambi, came in. She replaced Mrs Kwan for today.

Then, during our lunch, we went to McD (behind TPM) since we only had 1 hour. Parked my car near the Volleyball court and all of us walked there.

I ordered a Big n Tasty Set as usual. While eating, we were looking at the "Drive-thru" customers and most of them were Malay. AC and DY tried the new Mudpie McFlurry (RM 5.50 before tax) for dessert. DY said he still preferred the normal McFlurry.

Went back to APIIT and walked to class. There was a new lecturer sitting behind the class observing us. She would be taking over Ms Intan sometime later. Ms Intan thought us about WorldWideWeb for the first half of the class. Then, she used the rest of the time to show us some A+ assignments.
After class, ML, ZS, KW, AL and I sat along the corridor chatting for 10 minutes before leaving. Then, we went home. The drive home wasn't as clear and smooth but still okay.
At home, E was having piano lessons and J was sleeping. I went upstairs and used the laptop and did some stuff. M, mum and dad went to watch some table tennis competition again at 5pm. I went down for dinner at 7pm and came back upstairs.
Watched SSJ 04 and played some JohnMs. In JohnMs, KW brought me to kill Zakum. From LV 120, I became LV 199. Then, with his help, I turned LV 200. He left the game and I was alone. I rebirth and trained till LV 101.
Dad, mum and M came home. They brought some "pau" for our supper. Settled some stuff on facebook and now updating this post. Shall sleep after this. Night.

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