Saturday, September 13, 2008

Boring Day

Woke up at 9am. Facebooked for a while. Ate some biscuits for breakfast. Mum and dad went out the whole day to bring mum's aunt and her friends "touring" KL. At 10.45am, MM called and asked me to drop her at BV2.

In the car, she told me that GM lost her purse in the market. When I reached home, M told me she ordered a pizza for lunch. Few minutes later, the pizza arrived and we went downstairs for lunch. We shared 1 large pizza (Hawaiian) and 2 bottles of 7up revive.

SS and SS came. They brought GM to GG's house while they went to fix their car. E started to feel feverish. At around 1.30pm, MM called and asked me to pick her up.

I then picked her up from BV2 and drove her to Glenmarie to collect her car. Waited for her to settle some stuff with the mechanic. Then, she lead me back home.

Reached the house at 3.30pm. Watched some Disney Channel with E and J. SS, SS and GM came back. SS watched WOWP with us. When they left, I asked E to practice her piano. I fell asleep while watching TV.

Woke up about 15 minutes later and went upstairs. M was playing MapleSea and I watched her. Mum and dad came back around 6pm. When M went to shower, I played JohnMS. Went to shower when M came out.

We then had dinner with MM, AC, mum's aunt and her friends. Dad brought us to Chef Low. The kids didn't really talk during today's dinner. It was mostly mum and MM who talked and entertained mum's aunt.

After dinner, we called CM and asked if we could go visit her. She told us KK and the whole family is here and we could go. So, we went home for awhile. Waited for dad to go TMC for awhile.

When he came back, dad, GM, J and I went to CM's house in Puchong. Looked at the newborn cousin for some time. The adults were watching some movie on 8TV while the kids played with some lanterns.

All of us left the place at 10.50pm. When we reached home, dad accidentally slammed the door on GM's finger. She bled quite seriously. Went in the house and she did some stuff to her finger.

E said she couldn't sleep so I kept her company. I laid beside her and waited for her to fall asleep. At 11.45pm, I came outside and drafted this post. Went to sleep at 1am but mum and dad were still downstairs watching MR on AOD...

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