Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nice Night

Woke up at about 11am and used the laptop. Did some pretty useful things with it this time. Later at 1pm, I had my lunch.

AM, AP and JT came to visit. Chatted a while before they went home. I gathered my stuff and followed them.

Immediately after that, we went to try out "Nasi Lemak Tanglin". The layout was exactly the same as the old "Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa" but the price was almost double. Totally not worth it. And it wasn't even nice.

Teh Tarik - RM 2.80

AM paid and we went back to the house. Waited for JT to fall asleep. Then, AM came back home with me. She showed me 2 interesting websites and chatted a little more before she went back.

I watched TV till it was 4.45pm. Drove out to Sunway and hung out at JW's room. Drove to BSC for dinner because I was craving for chips.

So we went to Chili's and ordered their Bottomless Tostada Chips. They gave us a huge pile of it but both of us still managed to finish it. Then, we ordered Chicken Crispers with 2 Mashed Potatoes.

Bottomless Tostada Chips - RM 10.95

While waiting for our main course, we asked for another refill of the chips. Later, each of us had a Mashed Potato to ourselves while we shared the Chicken Crispers. Compared to last time, the Chicken Crispers were different. It was MUCH BETTER last time. :(

Chicken Crispers - RM 22.95

This is how they looked in 19 June 2010.

This is how they looked in 21 January 2009.

Bill (they updated to the new 6% tax policy)

Later, we walked around Cold Storage. It was really fun because there were nice music and atmosphere. Didn't buy much except some honey though.

Watched "The Colony" till 11pm before I sent JW home. Came back just before 12am but was surprised to see everyone in bed except mum.

Gonna end this post here and go to bed too. Night...

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