Friday, January 21, 2011

M Turns 18

The phone rang at 8.30am and we quickly washed up. Packed everything and went over to KK's room. At about 9.10am, we checked-out and drove down to Gohtong Jaya.

There, we had breakfast in another mamak. Ordered Roti Planta and Teh Tarik as usual. Yesterday's one was nicer. But the others loved the Nasi Lemak here.

Roti Planta

After that, we continued driving back down. By about 11am, I was already back at home. Had lunch at about 1pm. Then, M invited her friends over at 3.30pm.

JW told them what to do and they went on to make Potato Jackets and Chocolate Cookies. We used the leftover potatoes to make mashed potatoes. It was delicious!

Mashed Potato

We took turns to shower till about 7pm. Waited till 7.30pm before leaving the house. Dinner was at Wong Kok SS2 with the rest of our family.

I ordered Cheese Baked Rice as usual and it was great. M got the Birthday Drink which we later made her chug some down without using a straw! Check her facebook to watch it later. :P

Cheese Baked Rice with Pork

Giant "Birthday" Milk Tea

Birthday Girl

We were all full after dinner. But for ceremonial purposes, we got her a cake and sang her a birthday song.


Got home by 10.40pm and used the laptop for a while. Then at 11.30pm, I drove JW back. Came home again at 12.30am and watched TV.

Used the laptop till now. It's 2am already and I shall go to bed. Goodnight!

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