Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Equipment

Woke up at 11am again. Left the house at 12.30pm. Picked JW and we went to Gardens. Parking was hard to find because they didn't open P4 to the public.

After about 20 minutes, I got lucky. It was too late for us to catch the movie. So, we decided to eat instead.

Walked to Kenny Rogers and attended their RED (Roaster Eating Day). If you wear anything RED in colour, you are entitled to their "Buy 1 Free 1 Quarter Chicken" promo.


Quarter Chicken

We both had something red. We had 2 plates of their Black Pepper Quarter Chicken. It was okay. Quite reasonable after the discount. Food was okay too. And, we got interviewed.

Later, we went to the cinema and bought tickets to watch "Gulliver's Travel". Bought another ticket for mum too.

We hung out at the Gardens Club while waiting for mum. Then, we went into the cinema. Movie was senseless but at the same time very funny.

After the movie, we passed by Harvy Norman and mum asked us to go in. We ended up buying an oven and a handheld mixer. The trainee who attended to us was very cheerful.

Tefal Oven - RM 499

KENWOOD Mixer - RM 120

Loaded the stuff into my car before we went to Pastis. Ordered their Moist Chocolate Cake and Apple Crumble. When it arrived, our apple crumble's pie crust broke and fell off.

Apple Crumble (pie crust fell off)

Apple Crumble (new piece) - RM 11.90

Moist Chocolate Cake - RM 11.90

So, we asked for another piece since they were charging us so much. Cake wasn't that great. And the apple filling we made the other day was way better than this.

Went back home and watched TV for a while. Then, we had our dinner. Next, we did an opening ceremony for the 2 new products at home by baking a Butter Cake!

J in action with the mixer!

Watched TV while waiting for the cake to bake. At about 11pm, we took the cake out. Had a photo session with it before anyone ate it. :P

Homemade Butter Cake

It wasn't that great actually. But for RM10 worth of ingredients, I think it was pretty good. Guess it will be tomorrow's breakfast.

We watched more TV till about 12.30am. Came upstairs to blog till now. It's late already. So, goodnight!

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