Saturday, January 29, 2011

Long Happy and Tiring Day

Woke up at 9.30am and dad brought me out for breakfast. We went to SNM and I ordered Roti Planta. It was tasteless. And even after I finished my Planta, dad's thosai wasn't here. The lady even dare tell us that we came later than another table. WTF.

Roti Planta

Paid the bill and went to BSC for a while. Then, we parked at Gardens and went to the IT Fair. It was 10.50am and we were surprised to see a huge crowd in front of the exhibition hall.

The gates were closed so everyone was just standing there. Finally at 11am, they opened the gates and everyone flooded in. Even after waiting 5 minutes, there was still a steady flow of people cramming into the place.

Everyone rushing into the fair

So, we decided to join the crowd and just push the way in. Walked the whole place and collected broshures. Then, we sat at the food court to decide what we want to buy.

Next round, we bought Kaspersky and collected the freebies at the counter near the exit. And for the third round, we bought my new laptop. Asus X42JR. :)

By the time everything was settled, I was very hungry. Ended up at Oasis for lunch. So I ordered my usual RM4.80 lunch. This time, their portions have shrunk. :(

Lunch - RM 4.80

After that, I drove Dad to collect his car. Came home at about 4pm and fiddled till about 5pm. Got ready and left the house at 6pm.

Met up NM, NA and FN at the LRT. With my GPS, NA drove to Batu Caves. It was our classmate's 21st birthday. Her family booked a big hall and decorated it like it was her wedding!

The stage and the cake

It was supposed to start at 7pm but we waited till 8.40pm before she arrived. At about 9pm, we had our dinner.

Indian food served there was good. And it was more savoury than spicy so I had no problem eating any of it.

We kept ourselves company and left at about 10pm. NA dropped me home. We shall be meeting again soon.

Back home, I showered and used the computer till night...

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