Friday, January 7, 2011


Woke up at 8am to wash up. Then at about 9am, we went out for breakfast with mum. She brought us to El Meson.

There, we ordered 2 of their "Breakfast Like A King" which comes with quite a lot of stuff for RM25. It wasn't that great though. Too bad d'lish isn't around anymore.

Breakfast Like A King - RM 25

Later, we dropped mum home before going to Sunway. JW took her stuff and we went to Pyramid. There, we each paid RM10 and went into the Skating Rink.

It was fun this time because though my feet were sore, it never got scratches that forces me to stop skating. But after about 2.5 hours in the rink, we decided that it was enough.

Went over to Fullhouse for lunch. Each of us ordered their set which was nice. We also ordered another Soda drink which was very good!

Ice Lemon Tea and Pumpkin Soup (from set)

Wok Seared Chicken (Set) - RM 18.90

Soda with Peppermint and (forgot what) - RM 6.50

Later, we went to JW's house and she took some stuff. Then, we drove to Bandar Utama. Went to SS's house and stayed there till about 5.30pm.

Drove home in the jam because M had a party to attend. JW and I had early dinner because we were hungry.

Then, we watched TV till about 9.40pm. All of us then went to Bangsar South for coffee. Unfortunately, San Fransisco Coffee was closed when we arrived.

So, mum drove back to Bangsar Village and we had our drink in Coffee Bean. I had a Double Chocolate while the others ordered their own.

Double Chocolate Ice Blended - RM 15.50

Chatted till about 11.10pm before we went back home. Later, I drove JW back to her place before I came back again.

Registered for some of my orientation programs and checked out QUT's student website till about 1.30am.

Wrote this post till now. It's 2.10am already and I shall go to bed soon. Night...

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