Monday, January 24, 2011


JW called me at 12pm and I quickly woke up. Picked her up and went to Tropicana City Mall. Had lunch at Ninja Joe and was super full after that.

3 Burgers - RM 12.90

Shurikens - RM 4.90

Then, we went to get another mouse from the computer shop. This time, they sold it to us at RM16. A dollar cheaper than our last visit.

Went back home to pick J up from school. Then we pumped petrol and bought more ice lemon tea from Shell.

Back home, we made mini cupcakes for JT's birthday. We only used 18 cupcakes so the rest was for us to keep. :P

At about 7pm, we had dinner. Cooked an omelet which was okay. Had some pau and tarts too. Waited for M to get ready.


Finally at 8pm, we went to SC's apartment with the guidance of AM. Transferred some movies to my Xtreamer while we played with JT. Had lots of fun there. :)

It was done by 11pm so we quickly went home. Watched TV till 1am before coming upstairs to blog.

Anyway, it's 2.15am already. Goodnight...

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