Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good Food

Woke up at 11am and washed up. Drove out to JW's place to pick her up. We went to Pyramid for lunch. Since I had another voucher, we decided to redeem it at KFC for our lunch.


Since we were there, we tried their Mocha Krush. It turned out to be REALLY GOOD because there were chunks of crunchy stuff in the drink!

Mocha Krush - RM 4.95

We walked around till it was 3pm. Dropped JW off to college and I went to her place. Used her computer for nearly 3 hours. When she was done meeting her lecturer, I picked her up.

We got ready and drove to Pyramid. Initial plan was to pick L, then have dinner in Mentari Court. But since it was jammed, we decided to stay in Pyramid.

L suggested Tony Roma's so we agreed. JW and I shared the "Roma Sampler". All of us were full after dinner.

Roma Sampler - RM 39.95

Next up was grocery shopping. Each of us bought stuff for our own houses. I got some "Nata De Coco" and 2 value packs with "Tatura Cream Cheese", "Paul's Thickened Cream" and some Breakfast Syrup inside.

Got back to JW's place and we crashed A's room. The five of us (A, L, JL, JW and I) chatted in the room till it was 11pm.

She politely "chased" us out so we said goodbye. Dropped L at her apartment before coming back home.

Anyway, I'm going to bed now. Goodnight...

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