Friday, January 14, 2011

If I Were the Green Hornet

Nuffnang is giving away 70 pairs of invites to watch "Green Hornet" on 24th of January, THREE days before it is shown in cinemas. To win this, all you got to do is write a blog post and share what you would do to stop crime.

If I were the Green Hornet, I'll get the help of my tech-savvy and Taiwan-Singer-Lookalike sidekick. We will then sneak into the houses of all world leaders. Then, we would install spy cameras inside their house and office.

I'll use a software to monitor their conversations and what they are doing. If any of them tries to do anything dangerous to the world or take a bribe, my sidekick and I would activate the EXPLOSIVE in the spy camera to kill the evil politician.

By getting rid of these corrupt leaders, our world would definitely be a better place and CRIME would NEVER happen!

Green Hornet
Green Hornet

Click here for contest details.

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