Tuesday, January 18, 2011


For lunch, I brought JW to 1Utama. Went to Dave's because they had their pasta promo. We ordered stuffed mushrooms and a pasta each. Food was good but service was bad.

Stuffed Mushrooms - RM 20.00

Bolognaise with Pork Sausage - RM 14.00

Carbonara with Meatballs - RM 14.00

Later, after walking around buying some stuff, we ended up in KFC. JW bought 2 krushers. Came to the conclusion that only the "Mocha Krunch" was worth it.

Oreo Krusher and Mocha Krunch

At home, we cut the cheesecake and invited our grandparents over. Cake was good. Chatted a little with our grandparents too.

Oreo Cheesecake

For dinner, we went to L's place. She cooked curry and Indian rice. Later, we ate cheesecake and some Sticky. Talked till 11pm before going off.

Dropped JW home and went home myself. Used the computer and fiddled in QUT's website till about 2.30am enrolling into classes and planning my orientation.

I wanted to take something from my drawer but it was stuck. It took me about half an hour to open the drawer. I needed the help of a knife!

And then, more drama struck! I realized that my credits weren't transferred! I still have to complete 288 credits in QUT. Which means 3 full years.

Did some research and quickly sent out 2 emails. It's 4.15am now and I'm going to bed. Hopefully they will reply me and say it was just a glitch. *fingers crossed*


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