Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Visiting Ipoh Again

We woke up at 10.30am and took turns to wash up. Packed our stuff and left home at about 12pm. Ordered Banana Leaf in SNM for lunch.


Went back home to get our stuff before leaving for Ipoh at about 1.20pm. Took a slightly slower and more relax drive there.

Arrived at about 3.30pm and settled down. Watched Piranha till it was dinner time. Watching it in HD was cool but gory. Haha. :P

Had dinner at her house. Later, we watched TV till about 8.30pm. We all then headed to the Pasar Malam.

Walked around and bought lots of food. Finally went back at about 10pm and ate whatever we bought. :P

Bubble Tea

Potato on a stick (as seen in Bangkok)

Pork Bun

Muar Zhi

Dai Gau Min

Jin Lung Pau

Taiwanese Sausage

Watched more TV before I went upstairs to shower. We then watched the last half of Toy Story 3. It was super clear and nice.

Anyway, it's 1.15am already. Goodnight!


  1. i'm curious about muar zhi,what is it made of?

    1. Hi melvin,

      It's actually glutinous rice flour and peanuts.



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